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Has anyone or does anyone use a Nokian tire for trials? Im looking at the Gazzalodi 2.3 soft. I know ive seen blue nokians on a trials bike somewhere but id ont remember..or would you say its overkill?

and what about panaracer Fire DH/Fr's?
this is rear tire by the way..
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why? go with the tried and trusted, M&M (michelin or maxxis)

michelin: comp24.1 DH
maxxis: super tacky 42a minion (i think that is the popular one)
the nokian tires really are not all that great... i havent ever liked them for anything (dirt jumping, dh, racing, trials)... elan covered it- get a michelin or maxxis and be happy.

the panaracer dh isnt a bad tire but you can find michelins for only a few bucks more i bet and they will treat you much better. the fire xc does make a pretty good light weight front tire though.
i had a buddy in florida that was using them for everything on his do-it-all bike. they sucked. they were soft and wore fast but weren't really grippy on anything. ive tried a lot, then went to a comp24.1 2.2 and haven't looked back. i don't think i'll ever run anything else, honestly.
I went with one of them thar Sooooper Tacky Minion Maxtor thingies.... Works well, someday I'll get to actually 'style' on it.
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