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tire syping!

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So I just learned something from a down hiller! The Michelin 241 tires ,though a close 2nd to maxis offer great modification capabilities.
Using a right angle wire cutter you can slice mid knob ,cut some off etc.
I'm a bit hesitant to try this on my brake bads though.
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why? im not at a loss for traction..maybe others... i donno.
Elan said:
why? im not at a loss for traction..maybe others... i donno.
yeah, never had any traction issues with mine.
i think i will try and NOT and fuck up my $40 tire..
Ive seen it done on the old Wildgripper DH - removing around 8-10mm from the centre of every other centre knobble... but i really dont see the need on the new Comp24? (Use the 16 if its super muddy.... or spikes :p)
Why? A constant search for the next best thing.
Work on riding ability first. You shouldn't have any problems, unless you are riding on a metal box covered in oil. I just spent a while on a metal box covered in ice and snow, one wrong move and you die, don't make that wrong move.
I just spent a while on a furry box covered in oil .Yes, the tire syping was of no use. :eek3:

At what point do you stop improving your riding and improve your bike?
Why not both ... always...
cutting your 24.1 tire will work better on weird situations. its not that much better. its not as good as say... a maxxis but it stick kicks more ass. did i show you where to cut?
AndrewT said:
When you have no money :hs:
i have a tire i chopped up for dh racing around here some where- when i find it i will take pics and post them. this is one ancient chinese secret i can let go of eh?
Yeah we used to cut our tires in the early '90s before decent tires were available, but didn't think anyone was still doin it...anyway, thats tire-cuting. Syping is a newer technique where you just put slices in the tire tread and just may have an application in trials. Please keep us updated.
search for off road vehicle syping.... its done on trucks and shit....nothing to do with side knob removing as steve said.
syping is mainly used for ice tires..the jeepracers sype like MAD for hte stock races
Well guys i took and put slits im knobs where i thought it would be adventageous in my 24.1 i will keep you posted (ps i dont know if it has any thing to do with it but i stuck a back wheel today that i was way way to far down on and never should or normally would have stuck it. its not scietific but im sticking with it. or at least i dont see that it damaged anything.
Cutting slits or siping knobs is no big deal. It can help.

I cut horizontal slits in the knobs on a rear Monty tire years ago. Worked just fine. The sipes help the knobs squirm and conform better and it helps displace moisture and spooge.
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