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Timeline the movie review

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Any questions?
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um..i have a question
you in the back there, question? I don't care.
I think he's saying the credits were the climax of the movie, I cant believe anyone would even think about seeing it.
oh, i get it..Timeline is a movie.... oohhhh....ahhhhh.
SONIC!! COME ON DOWN! Oh..wait...thats what god said to Rod Roddy. "Rod Roddy, come on down!"
haha, Rod Roddy, according to an article I read, he ate fat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with plenty of smoking in between, slow suicide I guess.
My Girlfriends brother is an assistant to the agent of the "star" of that shitpile of a movie.All friday they were trying to break it to him that it was in the process of bombing.HA HA! Trials is so rewarding .I hate Hollywood!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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