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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by jkelley, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Has anyone had trouble keeping a Thompson Elite stem tight? I have mine on a 2004 Brisa Elite fork, and perhaps the aluminum steering tube is too soft or something, but I tighten it all down turning each side of the crazy "internal clamp" thingy just a bit at a time, getting it all really tight- but in a few days of riding, the whole set up develops play! So now I have this $8.00 CNC'd cheapy on there with big 'ol bolts (where I can use a hex wrench that doesn't feel like it's going to snap) and it feels great. I would, however, like to use the Thompson I spent 90 bucks on. I am thinking maybe washers- that didn't come with the stem- might help get it all tight enough........has anyone else had this problem...or the problem of the star nut moving up in the Brisa Elite?

    Jeff Kelley
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    havent had the star nut problem but i do hate riding thompson stems for trials... they are great stems but i cant stand having my stem twist off whenever i do something with a move with a little steering toruqe. my thompson stem was crap and wouldnt hold on any fork regardless of what the steerer was made of. i ended up getting 2 warranty clamp bits and one new stem body from thompson and it didnt fix anything. the only thing that fixed my woes was a race face duece stem. one thing you can try is filing down the clamps- the part that sandwhiches together inside the stem, file those down. sometimes the stem bolts cant clamp down enough if there is too much material there- the clamps just bottom out against eachother rather than grabbing any tighter on the steerer. hopefully that made sense.

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    i filed a waffle pattern intot he clamps, diggs in to the steerer better, hasnt moved since
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    I wuz juzza bout to say just dat.
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    I had the oppsite problem with a brisa pro fork and thompson stem. It was a super tight fit.