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This Saturday....

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CU campus would be cool i havent ridden there in a while but horsetooth is equally cool, i dont really care
my vote goes for cu campooos- that place always makes for good pickies and vid footie.
If we can meet up early (say 11:30 or so) I can ride, if not... I'll have to miss it. Let me know what you guys think.

hey i'd love to go with you guys on saturday, when and where are you meeting?
[email protected]
99 percent chance of me not riding any time soon.
scratch that- i gotta stay down in denver- family stuff i forgot about going on saturday. i will be riding downtown early though- if anyone wants to get on some stupid rocks or urban give me a buzz, i pla to start out around 9:45ish.
What the fuck kind of crazy weather do you guys have down there? Snow is so going to come and kill us, we didn't get any snow last week ....
still snow all over from last weekend here and snow coming this weekend and tues/wed supposedly... i have trusted the weather folk lately they have been a fair bit off with some stuff lately. hooray for denver.
Well there is no snow in fort collins, can't remember the last time it snowed here but it will snow on saturday. Pancho is coming up here on saturday at 12, apparently graham told him this- of course graham wouldn't post it on the internet because that would be a smart thing to do.
little late but me, graham and ken C are ridin up at horsetooth tomorrow around noon time, everyone is welcome to come...
tis 4 am, I haven't drank any thing (straight edge *****) but I know for a fact that robbie was having problems walking, and graham threw up from alcohol on the way home from the waffle house. Just a heads up fo anyone thinking they will be up at 12 :)
Kevin, I'm up for downtown Denver Riding, 9:45ish is good. Where?

As for CU Campus? I can be down with that around high noon as well.

Anyone wanna carpool around? (Elan, this means you).
OK, it's 8:30 AM, I just got home....

Mike and I will still plan on being there unless nobody else wants to ride. If that's the case call me 719 963 4072 and save me a 5 hours of driving.
I'll be there

and by there, I mean CU Campus, I don't have enough time to drive to ftc and back today, I'm on a tight schedule.

I just spoke with Pancho and he and some of the springs guys and they are weary about a.) graham and robbie's ability to fend off a hangover and b.) the afternoon snow drive back to the springs. They instead will be at Confluence at 10:30 or 10:45. Kevin will be there at 10:00, and I should be there right around the same time.

Taylor: go east on 6th and take 25 North. Exit the 23rd Street/Water Street exit and veer to the right. You will pass the aquarium and take an immediate right into the next parking lot. You will see the boulders across the river.
ohhh..i cant ride today.. have fun yalls
I plan on being there. I'm bringing my Trials rig this time. Bullit will be in tow as well.
just call me Ralph. BTW.... FTC snow trials 1...heeyyyyy.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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