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Very sexy
Onza pedals
Nukeproof headset
Gotta be UK
Proper build
Thanks :) It is indeed, Carbon Jitsie bars, Brother CNC stem, Ti bits everywhere, all Ti bolts, Ti bb, Ti pedal cages, Ti disc guard, just need Ti brake hose fittings for the Hopes and it'll be almost complete! Now i'm older and i can afford to fit shiny bits to it i ride it much less than i should...

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I did the setup
Gotta love the vees with stealth disc up front
Rear King
Lovely bike
Is that a Bionic frame?

If you look closely on the downtube, you can see a part of "Echo" logo. It is a Echo Mark 5. It's a few years old at 2015 model, but I would say the geo is still quite recent. It is basically like new bikes these days without the tapered headtube. I think I will keep it for a while.

Also there is no King in the back 😄. It is an Industry Nine Hydra rear hub, but I do have a rear King wheel available as a spare also. The Industry Nine Hydra kinda changed the game with 690 engagement points, but I like the King hub sound more 😆, and after some point, the engagement hardly makes any difference really.
81 - 94 of 94 Posts