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Was just on the road for 5 days. Seattle to Toledo. Going to check out some local bike culture this weekend with an eye out for zones.

Brand new 2022 Hex still in a box. Hoping to open it and bed in brakes and freewheel next week. My other poor bikes basically got sandblasted with road grit for 2000 miles then a few hundred more of hard rain. There is rust on both disc rotors on the simtra now. Got brand new pads and rotors and a bleed kit but lots of non bike stuff to deal with first.

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Finally got this finished up. Out for the first spin today - I’m old and out of shape, but this thing is fun.

bro we gotta see some banker manuals!!

pushed the cns to the limit today. miles to go finish and i jump
off to hike and bike up a steep one- both quads lock whole body drops to ground.. sheeet i gotta figure that out, need to bring a banana or sommat. Bike is rollin, would like to lube the rear hope2pro to make for smoooth and no dragging...

Figured I did 22 miles, 3800 up and down...

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Feels like I haven’t posted anything in a bit, so..
Since I can’t find any info on the original tensioner for this bike or find one that is how I want.. Repurposed a broken shimano cage I had laying around into v1 of a chain tensioner for the FTW. Actually works a treat, pretty light too. I’ll eventually whip up some parts to laser cut, hopefully make it spring loaded but that’s down the road.
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