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There will be a trials competition in Texarkana, TX on September 27th.
The 'Twin City Trials Competition' is being put together by trials
rider / promoter Scott Tucker of Texarkana.

The competition is open to Sport and Expert riders only. Entry fee of
$20.00 includes a shirt, and there will be 100 percent payback plus
awards for Expert riders. Sport riders get 50 percent payback plus

Sounds like a good time. U.S. Worlds team member Chris Pitts and I
will be making the journey down for the event. Hope to see some of you

The flyer for the event is located online at:


Scott's contact info is on the flyer, and all questions should be
directed to him, as this is his event.

If it makes any difference for anyone, this will be the last event of
the year in the SouthCentral area. The Memphis trials competition has
been postponed until next Spring due to the race promoters putting off
the race.

An overview map of Texas, Texarkana is highlighted in pink below:

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