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    Another Squamish Test of Metal Trials Competition is in the record books, and for the first time since the Test became a North American Trials Series event in 1999, a Canadian has won Pro Stock - the main championship category.

    Once again we found ourselves at the Triack Resources Dryland Facility at the south end of downtown Squamish. This year, owner Dave McCrae pulled out all the stops to make sure setup went smoothly and quickly. With the help of his Barko 450 log sorter, and Mountain Building Center's Mike Mohr with the JCB forklift, and aided by neighbour Ted Prior's little Hitachi excavator (my first excavator experience - yay!) we got the sections laid out, flagged and labeled with record speed. Felix Yuen and Richard Belson rendered great assistance in the latter, and of course perennial super site builder Dave Heyward was there to do a million jobs to get the site ready. We set our sights a little lower this year made simple sections this time around. That meant more trails around the dirt hills but fewer fiddly pallet problems and no time consuming water feature. Section one was all boulders, with a few logs to upset the beginners. Two was all stumps, and the big guys had to leap from round to round including two six footers for the pros. Three was a mix of logs and tires, and a lovely Pontiac tempest. Section four had series of boulders going up the side of the hill and then had the riders exiting off the classic three-log bridge to logging truck to van to the ground. Five involved a series of logs cris-crossing a gully, while section six has over two hundred feet of logs up in the air for the pros and experts.

    The scores turned out really well distributed, except in expert. John Goodwin managed a win in Beginner mod, at all of about age seven. I believe the Labonvilles are the first father son team to compete, and they did pretty well. Kyle Quesnel got sixth in beginner stock, but that's after completing the Teen Test and the Rockstar, making him the Squamish iron man of freeride. The big story in Expert was the return of Lucas Hamilton, who has been out for a couple of years with a nasty pelvic bone injury. We're glad has back! I guess all the best experts have graduated to pro because the rest of the experts had a terrible time, with eight perfect(ly bad) scores of 60. Stevie Baia won expert mod as expected, and we expect great things from him at the world finals in Japan this year.

    The big story was pro stock. Defending NATS champion Jeremy VanSchoonhoven of Williams Oregon has won the Test three years in a row. He actually rode very well, but was just piped for second by New Haven Connecticut's Mike Steidley, who rode strategically in the high wind conditions to score eleven to Jeremy's twelve. Meanwhile John Webster of Mill Bay BC, who has been showing increasing brilliance the last three years, stayed focused, and made only one five and the rest one's to claim the event with a score of eight. John will be competing in Japan as well this year, and has a real shot of winning his division. One other bright spot in Pro was fourth place Stephen Dickin. He managed fifteen points despite two in-section bike failures, and actually finished on Dylan Korba's bike. Otherwise he might well have come second.

    Once again this wonderful event could only happen because of all the great volunteers and sponsors. We thank all the volunteer judges, Dave McCrae, Dave Heyward, Mike Mohr, Felix Yuen, Richard Belson, Barb Moore, Chris French, Tig Cross, neighbour Chris and of course, super organized super fast admin star Stacey Lobin and judge coordinator Ken Gauthier. Props out to the entire Test of Metal staff as well, who always make it happen so smoothly.

    Sponsors: The North Shore Credit Union, Sea to Sky Ocean Sports, Squamish White Spot, Garibaldi Excel Tire, Sunwolf Outdoor Center, Norco, Cycles Simtra, The Trialsin Shop, Harold's Auto Recycling, Triack Resources and PaintBall Games of Squamish.

    -- Robin Coope, Director. June 21 2004

    Beginner Mod Dabs Cleans

    1 Goodwin, John 24 4

    2 Ellington, Jesse 25 5

    3 Fenn, Jordan 33 3

    4 Christie-Labonville, Stacey 34 3

    5 Litz, Michael 44 2

    Beginner Stock

    1 Labonville, Carl 19 6

    2 Tibbs, Brad 19 5

    3 Hicks, Jared 28 3

    4 Neely, Alex 29 5

    5 Quesnel, Kyle 34 2

    6 Webb, Alex 35 2

    7 Thompson, Bruce 37 1

    8 Vandenberg, Nick 37 1

    Sport Mod

    1 Jensen, Todd 30 3

    2 Mackenzie, Greg 48 1

    Sport Stock

    1 Howard, Trevor 18 6

    2 Kowalik, John 25 5

    3 Masse, Jordan 34 2

    4 Adams, Rob 42 2

    5 Enns, Daryl 50 1

    Expert Mod

    1 Baia, Steve 32 2

    2 MacRae, Dylan 51 0

    3 Hendrickson, William 58 0

    Expert Stock

    1 Hamilton, Lucas 29 3

    2 Bertolutti, Roman 51 1

    3 Belson, Richard 55 0

    4 Wolford, John 56 0

    5 Lloyd, Dave 58 0

    6 Yuen, Felix 60 0

    6 Copp, Tristan 60 0

    6 Gara, Dallas 60 0

    6 Jenkins, Chris 60 0

    6 Liu, Kevin 60 0

    6 McCullough, Brett 60 0

    6 Nickels, Jason 60 0

    6 Sherman, Garrett 60 0

    dnf Hazlett, Alex


    1 Leech, Caryn 34 2

    Pro Mod

    1 Pitts, Chris 60 0

    2 Johnson, Cory 60 0

    Pro Stock

    1 Webster, John 8 7

    2 Steidley, Mike 11 5

    3 Vanschoonhoven, Jeremy 13 7

    4 Dickin, Stephen 15 8

    5 Korba, Dylan 18 6

    6 Brain, Kevin 34 3

    7 Nathans, Bill 34 1

    8 Anderson, Jeff 40 1

    9 Lee, Justin 44 1

    10 McMahen, Joe 45 0

    11 Herr, Dave 51 1

    12 Le, Alex 52 1

    13 Goj, Dennis 53 0

    14 Lynne, Ryan 55 1


    1 Kohse, Justin 21 7

    2 Mollberg, Chase 43 2

    3 Brown, Evan 51 1

    4 Thomas, Rob 52 1

    5 Graham, Kieynan 52 0

    6 McKay, Justin 56 0

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  2. Patrick

    Patrick New Member

    Can someone confirm who Richard Belson is? Is he the editor of Mountain Biking or am I way off here?

  3. richbelson

    richbelson Member

    I was, at one time, an editor at Mountain Biking Magazine...for about 4 months.

    I did manage to get out before the big editorial shakeup and legal quagmire, and now write mainly freelance for www.nsmb.com, www.pushbikes.ca and am constantly looking for other people who want to give me money in exchange for words.

    One of these days, I will be able to ride enough to get back to where I was a few years back and not get 55 points at a comp, which is the primary goal at this point...besides spreading the word about the trials scene as much as possible.

    I'm just glad I didn't come dead-last...I feel old enough as it is.

  4. Faction Bike

    Faction Bike Guest

    hey big props to the little guy from Connecticut. Stiedly pulling through with second place. I guess the riding with Vince man gave him the juice to pull out some sweet riding. Good Job Mike.
  5. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    I know what was going through his mind...

    "RAM IT"
  6. DangerousDave

    DangerousDave Active Member

    Not to take anything away from Steidley really, but when a judge wasn't looking he put both feet down then got back on the bike so really Jeremy coulda/shoulda been 2nd. But I was really impressed with Steidleys riding.

    Jeremy just doesn't look good on that cous. I'm sorry but he looked way better on his desalvos in my opinion. But he did do an amazing roll down that even Morley would be proud of! And congrats to Jeremy on getting married!

    I sucked as usual but it was an awesome time as usual. Got to meet lots of riders and ride some cool sections. And the 30 canadian dollar entry fee was nice
  7. Justin.L

    Justin.L Guest

    fuck i need to ride more often.
  8. morley

    morley New Member

    Somthin strange is going on.

    30 canadian fee man that's like $20 american! Holy crap that's cheap compared to the over inflated NORBA comp price.

    NORBA :?

    I hear squamish even had a cash purse for the pros and experts.
  9. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    Well over 500 bux for first place. Money 5 deep I believe. The event rocked.
  10. [BMF]Andy

    [BMF]Andy New Member

    The NORBA series may not be the best and America may not have the trials thing figured out quite as well as Canada but I sure wish the Canadians would stop taking every chance they get to rub it in our faces. It seems like once a week I am reading something from a Canadian that mentions or infers how much the American trials scene sucks. Here in America we dont have the luxury of dealing with a culture in which fitness and specifically outdoor activities such as cycling are a way of life. Instead of getting current biking people into trials we are stuck trying to get a group of people that is fatter than ever just to move from the couch.

    So now I will lower myself a level and mention this. The cash prize for pro stock was $500 as mentioned. However the cash prize for pro mod was $20. Obviously there were only two riders in the category but it sure was not there fault no one else showed up. I mean that doesnt even cover the entry fee and no matter the circumstances you were still the winner of a pro class.
  11. rcoope

    rcoope Guest

    Just to clarify about the prize money, the two pro mod guys each got $20 but they fived every section, i.e. they each got 60 points riding the same lines as the stock guys. I told everyone that I had pro-rated the prize money based on the relative scores for pro stock and mod. If I didn't do that it would be unfair to the stock riders. By the way the total prize purse was $1500 Canadian + draw prizes. The expert stock and mod guys got a bit of money as well.

  12. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    You can take it that way if you want. I call it hyping up the event to convince more people to come. For some reason everyone in North America spends big money every year to go to the gong show known as Motorama. Every single person knows it is going to bomb and it does year after year. Yet everyone still goes.Besides it wasn't that long ago there was a giant thread explaining everything Canada is doing wrong. Suck it up. It's no big deal.

    Also first place pro was well over 500 as mentioned. It wasn't just for all the riders to split.

    The mod guys got that because essentially I could have entered pro mod on a bmx and 5ed everything and tied for first. As an organizer you gotta draw the line somewhere. This is another argument for throwing the mod class into the stock class and just combine them, although I'm not really for it, but thats a whole other matter.
    What do you think is a fair prize for the two pro mod riders who 5ed every single thing there? I'm not taking anything away from them, it was pretty tough stuff.
  13. morley

    morley New Member

    Yo BMF,

    We don't try and rub it in, it's just that this is one of the NATS comps we get so few american riders. Back in the good old days there used to be alot more americans that made the trek up north [even for the local bc comps], and now it's like there is some boycott. The dollar exchange is great, the comps are well run... we would just like to show people that we have a good trials series up here and would like to see more non-canadian riders compete in our comps.

    So how do you lure more non-canadian riders to comps like squamish then? This year was the lowest draw ever, and it had the biggest cash purse at 650 dollars for first place in pro. What gives?
  14. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    speak for yourself. Lowest percentage of fat people in america = big CO holler
  15. uownme

    uownme get high and eat her

    Im sure texas has the highest percentage of fat people. Texas is the best.

    That really is alot of competitors especially in pro stock, thats crazy.
  16. Sonic

    Sonic Plaid, I have not gone.

    There are two things I talked about most when I returned home from CO. Everything seemed cleaner in CO and everyone seemed more fit. I heard CA and FL have a lot of more fit people as well, TX has to be one of the fatter states, it's so hot no one wants to go out I guess.

    Aaron should go on a diet most of all.
  17. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    Smallest turnout in a few years I believe. But ya, pro stock had a pretty decent showing.

    Be interesting to see how well Back Yard Bash does this year if it happens. It is typically only a couple people off Squamish. But with no one travelling from out of town this year to Squamish it has a good chance at being the second biggest event in North America by turnout this year. Not bad for being held in a dude's back yard with no real big hype. Locals only.
  18. [BMF] Chris


    id like to add in my 2 cents since i was riding pro mod. long story short, i hate robin coope, im glad you all pointed out and bmx bike could have 5'ed all the sections and still placed but you know what, i showed up on a trials bike, i rode as best i could, i ride pro, its not like i entered pro to win money instantly because of a lack of riders, the fact it i rode the same damn sections the stock guys did, and maybe i had a shitty day, but robin dosent even have the decentcy to pay me back my entry fee, nor the guy i tied with, after loosing most of my respect for robin coope watching the match videozines, this stunt has offically made me feel a hate for him. lets say i had gotten 34 points for the day and 2nd place got 60, i dont believe robin would have givin me a dime more. you know, the sections were fun, met lotsa cool people, the event was run great, except for robins double standards. and its shit like this that makes me what to not come back to a great event, all because i cant control how many pro mods show up, now if you'll excuse me, i need to go to the back and exchange this 20 dollar can. bill for 2 quaters and maybe some pocket lint.
  19. BrettM

    BrettM New Member

    Is it 3 riders you need to have a legitimate class?

    Congrats on speaking up at the event in person and not doing it over the internet after the fact.

    The difference is anyone could have rode pro mod. Anyone could have rode as hard as possible. And then got 60. Like I asked before. What do you think you deserved to win?

    What I believe Robin would have done if you got 34 points like in your example is that he would have seen that that was good enough to tie for 7th in pro stock and still not deserve any money. There are people just as dedicated as you who rode better and still got fuck all. Why don't they complain?
  20. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    :rofl: :bowdown: