Take care of your injuries!

Discussion in 'The Gutter' started by silus2000, Mar 5, 2004.

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    Dont be me like me. I tweaked my wrist badly in early december, and since then I just took pressure out of my tire and bought a wider bar, and I also limited myself in some of the moves I could practice on (but that doesnt really happen when you're riding). Like a dumbarse, I continued to ride through the pain...it would get better, then I would reaggravate it again, and this cycle continued for the last 2 months even though it felt like it was slowly getting stronger. Well, last week I reagravvated the hell out of it, and now I cant ride, period. (that is if I ever want it to heal).

    My advice is, if you have an injury that limits what you can do on your bike, dont get on it! There is nothing better then riding 100% healthy. It sucks constantly thinking about a fuggin injury. I just started learning and now I'm gonna be out for at least one month. :ugh2:
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    If the pain is too much to ignore, drink more! :bigthumb:

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    I fought left fore-arm pain (probably tendonitis) for the first year and a half of riding. It didn't matter what I did, if I got on my bike it was gonna hurt, and if I rode 2-3 good days in a row it would get so bad I could barely hold the bar. There were a few times I decided I'd just give it a break and not ride for a bit. It worked for the first outing or two on my bike after the break, but it came right back. I just had to keep riding and hope it got better. Its all good now :).

    I was stupid and didn't go to a doctor though, if you're having chronic pains you should go see a doctor!