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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by tipus, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. tipus

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    I`m considering buying a T-Rex 2004 model.
    I don`t know yet, and i like to ask you guys about som stuff:

    Have any one here some experince about it?
    Quality? Any thing broken?
    No one talk so much about Onza, and it makes me wonder, (apart from the Onza T- pro)

    And, HOW DOES IT RIDE??? :)

    Sorry my bad english :p
  2. Matt Staples

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    As far as I know, Onza equalled and surpassed the Coustellier in geometry, chainstays being just over 380mm I think, to the Coustellier's 385mm, which admittedly isn't much difference, but considering the price difference also, it may make the difference needed. Weight is another issue though, I'm guessing the coust is lighter, but thats just a guess. Not really that helpful :bigthumb: sorry. hehe

  3. tipus

    tipus Guest

    hehe, thanks annyway.:wiggle:

    But, does annyone know the weight?

    The bike is pretty much like the Zoo! Pitbull in design, but I don`t know about the geometri. (Strong????)

    Considering the price, I think it`s worth it. Or what???:dunno:

    Again: "Sorry my bad english":p
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  4. thetart20

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    The weight is just over 5.5lbs, but these frames are seriously strong and stiff! Same material as the Coust frame, exactly the same geometry EXCEPT the T-Rex has 4mm shorter chainstays (and therefore making the wheelbase 4mm less too).

    The design is quite different from the Zoo - the Zoo was a random guessed geometry (from the Coust), wheras I measured up a Coust to help with the design of the Rex.

    For the money, i personally dont think it can be beaten. The warranty is great too - if you DO manage to break one within 2 years (which would be hard, trust me!!), you get a new one for half price.

    I cant fault mine really, its a top frame.

    If you'd like any more info, give me a shout at [email protected]

  5. LTC_Dave

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    Just to add to adam's post a bit: The weight of the Rex really really doesnt reflect how it rides! I owned a Koxx Levelboss 1065 for almost a year before I got my Rex, and the 1065 felt so sluggish compared to the Rex, even though it was lighter.

    Part of this is down to the stiffness I am sure, with such a stiff bb area, you dont lose as much power when kicking due to the frame twisting and flexing, so you get more of your energy turning the rear wheel rather than twisting the frame out of shape.

    As for strength/durability, well, take a look at my downtube!

    I have finally found my little dent again, did take me a few goes to find it though! Haha. It's doing ok considering I use my downtube almost as much as my bashgaurd on rocks! :eek3:


  6. tipus

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    Thanks for the imformation :)

    Seams like a strong bike, and i think that`s my bike , soon at least:joshers:
  7. tipus

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    One more thing :)

    Is it freewheel on the front on the T-rex?
    If not, how many klicks is the Shimano Xt hub?

    Thanks for the information:D