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sweet new video :)

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just a video i had been working on for a lil while.. Hosted courtesy of ObservedTrials.net and available here
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i hate that band.. havent got to view the vid yet tho.
so its a good song and an ok video :)
i really like your helmet.
not a bad vid, although i think there should have been more people eating mcdonalds, because that really adds to the quality of the video.
yeah i know i forgot it at home because my mom was telling me to do 50 things at once.. so i wasint going to let no helmet keep me from riding :)

i know the mcdonalds was sweet huh? j\k
Yeah the mcdonalds...I'd leave out the lanky dork next time, only a pussy takes 2 bites to eat a burger (if you could call it that).

Nice vid, next time get off the :greddy: flat things

nice vid, its cool cause i actually know all those spots in boston cause i used to ride there like twice a week for the past 2 summers practically. (now im at college in CO) Where do you live? the only person i recognized from the vid was brian Y. lata

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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