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surly forks

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hey Kevin,
Did you use the surly 1x1 forks? Do you mind telling me where they broke and how long they lasted? I got one of those things on my bike and its doing pretty good so far.
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it was indeed the 1x1 fork i used. i ordered it thinking "hmmm... 2.2 pound steel fork, sounds nice!" the first one i had broke in about 4 rides. the steerer started creaking really bad. i sent it back to em and they gave me another one saying something like 'we dont see a crack but that's not to say there isnt one about to spring up'. so props to them on a good warranty there. the second one they sent me did the same thing, horrible creaking and my wheelbase seemed to be growing a bit.... the fork bent in the legs and little in the steerer- took maybe 4 weeks but i was also riding less too. sent it in they gave me another one. i sold that with my px frame.

anyways, it wasnt a bad fork aside from the durability problems i had. good weight, good price, seemingly good company warranty department. alls i can say about them breaking is thank god they were steel and failed 'softly' and not like my aluminum forks that left me on my ass so fast i didnt know how i got there.
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