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Hey, people. If you are free sunday and you feel like riding, come up to veedavoo, wyoming for some slap happy fun on the rocks.

Tentative plan: Meet in Fort Collins on Sunday morning around 10 AM and head up to veedavoo for some ridin'. If you've never been there before......well you should peel your ass off your computer chair and come on up.

My Number #970-443-2944

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AHHHH!!!! Im so bummed i wont be able to make it up today!

it's my grandparents 60th aniversary coming up and there is a big family dinner thing going on tonight that i have to be at. as mucha s i want to ride vedvavoo i really cant miss out on this for my g-rents. they have been so supportive of me that its the least i can do to show up for their dinner.

im bummed i didnt know about this sooner- i hope the weather holds up for at least another chance to ride the 'voo...

well, everyone have a good ride :Wavey:
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