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Steve Coulll

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Just to say that it IS NOT ME. I'm sure stefahn knows this as his IP shows up in some place in canada. I haven't read everything about it but ppl tell me on AIM about him, if I make a fake person expect great hilarious pictures.

Oh and if I made any of those posts in the "respect" topic I would be banned in a second, stefan sits on penis.
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that's good to know bcuz steve is a ***** :greddy:
aaaahahahaha. "i have 20 crescents "

at least pete makes up good things.
Where is Tex Avery Japslap when we need him?
haha I guarantee you tex would disappear of the face of the earth before his registration confirmation could be complete :)
I will say however, as a constant AE maker (alternate ego), that this steve coull just flashes out as an AE to me...and I would not be suprised if it was someone taking a piss, to which I tip my hat.
dont steal my quote tart haha jk
i was wondering for a bit wether to post that with my own biketrials.com acount or make a new acount and go all out, but making a new one takes too long. meh, as more has been revealed about this guy im not sorry i said that.
RomanR said:
dont steal my quote tart haha jk
Hehe, sorry, i was pissed you beat me to it on't other forum though :p

I see theres a new member on Trials-Forum... 'AndrewT' is the name. This could get interesting, haha, and guess whos a moderator there now? :cool: Instant ban if you step outta line ;) haha
the AE thing kinda makes you wonder, he talks like a 10 year old retard but in 'his' pics he put up he actually has facial hair? i dont know, but his two "20 foot drop" videos are pretty funny... the second one he sent he just kinda rode off the side of a hill, any noob could do it, he stops, pivots 180 degrees and drops his bike (or falls trying the pivot, i'm not sure) then raises his arms triumphantly at his sucessfull air.

i think steeve is a real retard, not a fake one. but i think i am too.
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