stem length for a shorter frame

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by klophaus, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. klophaus

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    Seems a lot of people here have made the jump to a longer frame. I've been riding a norco team trials for about a year and a half and am curious about what a little more room would feel like.

    Right now I'm running a 90 mm 10 deg stem and a kona project 2 fork ( about 1015 wb). I'm 6' and it feels like I really have to hunch over the bars when I'm on the rear wheel to hop in one spot. I'm probably going to try a 120 mm stem 15 deg soon to stretch out a bit. (Anyone recommend something else from experience?)

    Also, from what I've seen in videos, a longer frame seems to let you be more upright on the rear wheel. Would a much longer (~150 ) stem give a similiar feeling to a longer frame? I know the steering would be super slow, but I'm not ready to drop a 500 dollars just yet for a new frame without having some idea of how much better it will feel.
  2. jmkimmel

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    I went from a 70 x 15 stem on a px new jack flash to a 110 x 10 and it felt nothing like my new BT. The "reach" of the bike isn't the biggest impact of switching to a longer UCI-stylee bike (IMHO). However, if you're feeling bunched up, a longer stem will definitely help.