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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by CoppellStereo, Dec 8, 2004.

  1. CoppellStereo

    CoppellStereo Ruff Rider

    My BT5.0 is my first real trials bike and all, but i was wondering if i need a high stem angle. Mine is 110mm x 5degrees. I can seem to lean back and pull the bars to get to the back wheel, i have to give it a little kick to bring the front up, is this normal for a trials bike, or is my stem at a too low of an angle or what?
  2. MontyBurns

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    I don't think so. The higher your stem, the further the front end is from you when you are on the back wheel. A low angle is usually good, except if your front end is really really light.

  3. bwagner

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    If you're talking about being able to pull up like a normal manual, it's no so easy on a "real trials bike". I have a Raven 5.0 also, and I cannot manual on it at all. But I can do more "Trials" related stuff alot easier. With a bike that has this type of geometry, you might have to compromise a little until you get used to it, and the way you have to ride it. I come from the old school, where bunnyhopping was a very key part of trials. Times have changed though, and bunnyhopping isn't as important now. Give it a chance though, I'm sure you'll get used to it after a little while. One thing you'll most likely notice is that it's WAY easier to stay on the rear wheel now, this bike seems effortless in such positions. And on the stem angle issue, just ride what makes it comfortable to you, but I'm thinking that your stem is probably perfect, unless your short like me, in which case, I'm running a 90x 7 or something like that. Give it achance for a week or so, you might end up loving it! Good luck buddy
  4. norco tt

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    if u have a longer stem can you gap farther?
  5. trialspads


    Crap...I'm running 120mm version of Steven's stem.
  6. CoppellStereo

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    yeah, the back wheel is soo easy, i can stay on it forever, i was trying to practice getting on the back wheel in the same spot without little kick to pull it up, but it seems when i pull up and back, i just dont go anywhere, but i guess i will figure it out, i wasnt for sure what the angle of the stem did, but you guys helped, thanks:)
  7. ONLY

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    I think, that best stem is ta 105*17. I have a 393mm fork. this combo is so good for everything... bunnys, touches
  8. jmkimmel

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    I was just playin around with my stem and flipped it (like a road stem) and it actually feels awesome for ups. It gives me tons of room to move. Horrible for just about everything else, though. Crap for getting up to rear, crap for front wheel moves, crap for riding centuries, etc. Maybe I'll try my azonic shorty.....see how that looks on my bt.

    EDIT: I've got a pure fork....could be the reason