Static Forward Hop - Tips Please

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by JasonMudd, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. JasonMudd

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    I'm pretty much a total newb working on the basic moves at this point in time.

    My static forward hops are atrocious and I want to make sure I'm practicing the right technque rather than reinforce bad behavior. In case I'm using the wrong term - what I'm trying to do is with both wheels locked, jump the bike forward hopefully so that the rear wheel lands where the front wheel started, or something similar (more distance would always be nice). Usually onto a small ledge or up an incline.

    Basically, I'm not sure of the starting position of my weight.

    Do you keep your weight forward, so that you can than concentrate on compress, explode up, and throw the bike forward?

    Or do you start with the weight back, so that through the magic of timing you can compress, explode up and forward, and throw the bike forward?

    Or am I completely missing something else here?

  2. Cory

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    Try to focus on jumping your body forward instead of up. Compress to preload your legs and tires and jump forward and pull your bars up and forward and unweight your pedals. Try to extend your bars in front of you once you get in the bike in the air to maximize your distance. You can get a wheelbase or more easily using this techinique. Another way to do this is to use a lunge in which you us a pedal kick to get the forward momentum, however if you have questionable traction or brakes the first technique would be preferable. Hope this helps,


  3. oicdn

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    ^^yeah, put your weight back, and lunge foreward with a pedal kick....but like stated above if you're on questionable terrain, the unweighting/throwing the bike in front of you is the best option.
  4. JasonMudd

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    Thanks much. Now I just have to work on the timing...
  5. RT Wolf

    RT Wolf Insanity Studios Inc.

    the pedal kick timing also helps learning how to pedalkick, or at least I found my timing that way was better, I just had to learn to just kinda move my hips towards the bars really quickly.
  6. Pancho

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    Pedal kick, but the main thing you're missing is the brakes. They are completely useless for this move. Watch the best riders and they will all navigate sections this way, but mostly with out brakes except to stop them when needed. Extremely important move, good to see you're focusing on this rather than bigger ups or gaps or something less usefull.
  7. RomanR

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    Pancho's got it. This move is much much easier if you let off the brakes when you hop the bike forward. If you just try to do a big hop with the brakes locked, it's gonna be hard.

    Thrusting your hips helps of course, and keep your weight moving forward throughout the move. You're gonna naturally just want to push your arms out as much as you can right from the start of the move, which in most cases is only gonna make you stay in the same place because your torso will stop moving forward, and the bike will have moved not very far. If you focus on moving your body forward more, by the time you're done extending your arms you're gonna be farther in front of the obstacle.
  8. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    err, you shouldn't be leaning back for any part of this move, nor should it be much like a pedalkick.

    have the rear brake on and get yourself down low. (ie chest close to the bars) lean forward while pushing up with your arms, then take the brake off and kick the pedals a bit (not much, remember that - don't rely on the kick). surge the bike forward and out in front of you and land with both brakes on. your body shouldn't move all that much, only the bike.

    it will feel horrible for a while and completely unnatural, but it is 10x better than leaning back and relying on a kick of the pedals to move yourself forward.

    there was a video of one of the polish reczek brothers on a koxx mod that showed this off incredibly, he crouched down until his chest was touching the bar for nearly every move and he made it look smooth as butter. he was in a section with lots of logs and there were a few other sections as well in the video. i can't remember what it is but if anyone has it then say what it's called, it's worth a download.
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