Static 180 side hop... how?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by dahouse, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. dahouse

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    Hey guys,

    I can static 180 rearwheel pivot pretty easily now towards my left (left foot forwards), my question is, how doyou guys do flatland 180 sidehops? I've been trying them but I just can't do em.
    Thanks alot guys
  2. RomanR

    RomanR DualDisc 26"

    like a pedal kick 180 from two wheels? or just a 180 static hop, as if your wheels were on two different objects?

    i can only do full 180's, and close to 360, with a pedal kick. like you, im left foot forward, and spin best towards my left, on all spinning and rotating moves.

    i learned this years ago on my trek.
    the way i learned, was very first, to go on a ledge, about 1 foot high, get parallel and close to the edge, and pull the front wheel 90 degrees by pivoting on the rear, and keeping the front wheel low. then i just pedal kicked off the ledge, landing on the ground 90 degrees to the ledge. so that was a 90 degree drop. i just kept doing that, everytime rotating a bit further with the pedal kick, until i would land a 180 drop off the ledge.

    i just kept on doing it do get used to moving the rear wheel around with my feet and the pedal kick, and angling the landing right so that i wouldnt tip over when i landed. now since the drop was 1 foot, i had more time to swing the bike around. i also did it until i could link both the swinging of the front wheel, and the pedal kick rotation of the rest of the bike into a smooth move instead of two moves.

    so after i was used to these movements and all, i moved onto doing it off curbs, where the drop was smaller so i had to do both spinning stages faster. then some 2" curbs, and finally on flat ground. now because of the nature of trying this off drops, i had a tendency of landing farther away sideways than where i had started, which came from being used to pulling the front wheel to the side first before kicking. this helped in 180 gaps and stuff, but for doing 180's on top of something narrow it wasnt too good.

    thats when i had to link the pedal kick right into the front swinging move, and trying not to let my body go too far to one side. so i would preload the cranks juuuuust a bit above being parallel with the ground, let my body begin to rotate a bit in the direction of the spin, then give a good pedal kick while pulling hard up on the bars, juust a bit harder on the left side of the bar (same side i would spin to, to pull the bike more towards that side). kick and jump high enough to make sure the bike would rotate all the way before the tires touched the ground while i was off balance with the bike, other wise the fall will be somewhat hard. then before landing i would angle everything so that when the bike touched down, i wouldnt tip over. i did all that in one fast, smooth move.

    it's a bit weird to understand it just by explaining it, i'll try to get this move on video from a few different angles and in slo mo, to show this better.

  3. ascentrek

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    well put RomanR, I have something to practice today!
  4. dahouse

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    Great, thanks alot, I'd love to see a vid...

    Unfortunatelly, I wasn't able ride today for my RB lever fucked up and doesn't let me compress it fully anymore...
  5. OTAdmin

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    make sure the tpa isn't screwed in all the way.
  6. dahouse

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    No, no, Its not the TPA, I mean once I compress the lever a bike, it doesn't wanna go any fruther, it blocks, usually I can compress it all the way with both my hands but now it's like the piston is touchin the end of the cylinder....