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Hi guys,

I recently started to get into trial after years of wanting to do it but never got the time.

My height is 1.9 meters, I have an MTB 27.5inch frame size large.

So far I haven't done anything to the bike other that rolling forward the handlebar to get a bit more leverage when doing endos.

So far it has been really difficult, I manage to do endos but not consistent, tiny bunny hops and english hops.

I don't want to spent $2000 on a street trial bike before I feel I can progress and I want to stay in it. Given that, which size of MTB should I be using for learning? Or my bike is ok and I just need to keep at it? What other recommendations can you give to this 40 years old trying to achieve a very old goal :)

I appreciate all the help and information I can get.

Thank you in advanced.

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Where are you based?

Just find a small frame with decent brakes and a seat that goes out ofthe way... add some wide bars and you are set.

I started on a 16” wheeled coaster brake childs bmx. I have no clue what todays bikes are, and only recognize a tire size to be 26” . All the new bullshit is just invented to make you buy something new, change the wheel size and everyone has to change everything around it. Bunch of hype and bullshit, Merchaindizing merchaindizing mooichendiiiizing

Much like street trials bikes. They sell , especially after seeing the great danny mac ride one. Find him riding an echo if you want to see real trials riding. Now we have many kids who can backflip, do double footjammers and g turns but can’t ride through a set of rocks to save their lives . Good for the sport? Good for instagram views? Good for the ego?

If you are in america, bummer. If you are in europe you have a better chance at checking out some local bikes- and hopefully buying an used old bike for 3-500$ which will be all you need. Good luck!
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