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Small movie from my game/(final project)

Any comments are welcome.
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badass looking plane, i always like it when a plane hits the ground it just bounces off instead of blowing up. :werd:
Yeah I decided to implement simple reflection based collision so that you would bounce off on the same angle you came in :) Unfortunately I didn't make the plane, but I found it on www.3dcafe.com However, I did make the terrain and all of the code that does the displaying and collision detection etc. Its about 6 thousand lines of code or so. Thanks for the reply :bigthumb:
Have you checked out the moto trials game on FHM.COM ? It is suprisingly difficult and very true to the physics of trials.Your plane took me back to the days of The Last Starfighter.Good times.
Yeah I played that game. It is more accurate than the Motoracer3 which has the 3D trials in it.
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