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a squid? hahaha I guess things are a little different down there in Florida. OK man, you named two of the best trials riders in the world. You're going to have to try harder than that!!! Ryan L arguably has the best bike control of anyone. It hardly makes him a poser that he does demos and vids instead of comps, because he doesn't even pretend to be good at comps. TRA would just school most people at a trials comp so I dunno what you're talking about. "TRA doesn't touch natty", wtf are you talking about?

Seriously though a poser is someone who sits there with their ($4000+) bike and doesn't ride. They will generally do a couple pedal-kicks up a curb, and then they will go on the forums and act like they are king shit and tell everyone how their parts never wear out because they are "oh so smooth" and how their bike weighs 18 lbs and that it's basically indestructable because they've been riding the same kit for 4 years now.
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