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South Australia Sport Vid

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this is another long vid of sport, still worth downloading, 9:25 mins and 70mb. Incase you havent seen the thread about the Elite vid, This is of a comp held in South Australia on the 25th of January. Possibly the best terrain ever!

http://videos.observedtrials.net/hosted/South Australia_Sport2004.mpg

Just me and Alex Pentony Vran (Hydroboy) in this one

hope you enjoy it. more aussie hip hop involved.

A BIG thanks to Bill Johnson from www.observedtrials.net for hosting this video for me. He's a true champion! :drool:

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good riding from both the alex's there i must say! looks like elite soon for Alex M and i must say that pure looks like it fits Alex V a ton better than his old rig. great riding at an amazing looking spot! time to go watch the elite vid.
GREAT vid! I like the elite better, but the sport seems very close in skill.
hydroboy said:
no way. elite is out of control.
looks like it needs to be even harder to push dickey and hammish... top level guys need to be pushed- cleans mean not hard enough! colorado pro this year will be stupidly tough stuff so we can get peeps like matty and robbie up to worlds level.
Thanks for the replies guys :eek3danc: (just realised where all the extra emoticons were :drool: )

im glad you all seemed to like the vid, its simple editing but i guess thats all it should be. i will be riding elite from now on but there was a lot of scary shit in elite that i didnt want to risk dieing on. Dickey and Hamish are bullshit, we need 4 classes so they can be in a class of their own, train them up really well for the worlds.

Hey those sections look wicked!

Im very very upset that i couldnt go. They look like sections i could manage, unlike most of the ones we have here in Vic!

Alexx, definately elite for you at the nats, and ill be aiming to emulate Alex PV's form there.

Awesome video mate, im still trying to find time to dl the elite one. This is the sort of video I was searching for 2 years ago when i was starting!

Keep em coming :werd:
awesome video, i like to see sport riders in different areas so i can compare my skills to thiers, good work on that vid. That looks liek one awesome place to ride
That music was um...special...nice looking place to ride though, are aus. events UCI?
negative on the UCI thing, i chose to ride uci however, and when riding that natural there was no need to use bash or pedal anyway unless you needed to rest, but thats just plain lazy.
keep the comments coming :drool:

it was a SA comp, so the elite lines looked a little easier, down here in Melbourne where andy and mish come from the elite lines are harder and andy actually has to dab, well he did at the last comp i went to, but there has been more recent comps where he has killed like in others, he came 12th at world UCI comp last year in junior so he is pretty good

12th!!?? ... nice :cool: ... i didnt know that ozzie riders were up to that standard . haha :slap:
he said he muppeted alot of the world sections he said expect more from young andy but here is my tip *wisper*

Joe Brewer riding juniour UCI worlds 2005 in france the kid will own he's been kicking my arse for ages and he's like 15 or 16 or something rediculase almost beat dicky at beaty but 5'd the rolly section twice. but thats not natural. whatch out for him and not just aussies coming to a podium near you.

oh but course when i get the coust i'll be there too :joshers:
how long does it take to get all the way across australia? like say, Brisbane to Perth?
Man that would be like 5 days drive at least, through some of the most remote outback ever. No way i would do it, but im :greddy:

I agree with Paulio, Joe Brewer is a maniac and will be one to watch out for. It seems that Oz is becoming a breeding ground!
yeh joe is outta control! he is crazy!
he will place very well in the worlds in 2005 and keep an eye out for paul too cause when he gets his coustellier he will be doing some very damn nice stuff considering he is crazy as it is on a PX!

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