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South Australia Elite Vid

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this is a loooong vid, 17 mins and 127mb. This is of a comp held in South Australia on the 25th of January.

http://videos.observedtrials.net/hosted/South Australia_Elite2004.mpg

It is simply edited and shows a few people doing the same sections to see how different people went about getting through them, however the main riders are the people who came first and second.

hope you enjoy it. the aussie music might be a little bit much, but i thought i would use it to give you an idea of some aussie hip hop.

A BIG thanks to Bill Johnson for hosting this video for me. He's a true champion! :drool:

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im downloading the vid now alex. 8 hours left :(
on 56 gay!!!!! but it will be worth the wait.......
Wow ! Colorado aint got shiz on dat! My bags are packed.
goddamn it now i just wish i could have gone even more than before :wtc: ... but other than that i enjoyed the video's very much, thanks heaps for that alex . :Wavey:
sweeeeeeeeet, I love comp vids like that. Good music.
That natural looked amazing. Great video!
same as sport vid- great riding form everyone! i cant believe that peace got robbed like 2 feet fromt he end of that one section... also really glad to see the props grenade has made its way around the world! :bigthumb:

looked like a really great event- had i been on that side of the planet im sure i would have loved it! keep up the good work aus folks!
kevin we were "grenading" eachother more then the soldiers in world war 2.
hydroboy said:
kevin we were "grenading" eachother more then the soldiers in world war 2.
hahaha, that is great stuff- i think this forum needs a props grenade emoticon... if we have one of these :barf: then we should definately have a big ups one of the PG.
Good idea Kevin, I'll see what I can do... or maybe some of you talented in photoshop (or some artsy program of your choosing) can make one?
by the way- no one call it "punding the rock"... that "r" is so easy to replace with a "c" and also pounding the rock sounds retarded. at least the "props grenade" doesnt try to cover up its retarded nature- thus making it so stupid it pulls a 180 and becomes cool. yes i am stupid.
WhiteRavenKS said:
by the way- no one call it "punding the rock"...
People that say punding instead of pounding should be slapped. :p
Grammar Police all up on my nuts today :eek: maybe if i didnt type like a retard... :D
gee-zus is mish oneill SHORT
Poor Peace, hes a legend. that drop was the harshest shit ever, and he is normally very smooth, but his bike held up pretty well considering. Adam Kelly's version of that drop was sick, ive never seen anyone roll off a drop that fucking big on a trials bike, let alone smooth as buggery :gaybar: .

i am a huge fan of that props grenade, i think people were getting a little pissed off with me for doing it so much though :wtc:

Mish is a short guy but man he has improved a tonne since living with the koxx guys. was matching dickey on everything pretty much.

Keep the replies coming, good shit, im surprised so many people have dloaded it so far

that was a sick vid. i wish i had a gone. maybe next time.

hmmm, i would have thought adam kelly would be better than the way he rode in the vid from what ive heard of him ... i assume that didnt really show the best of his abilities...

also whats props grenade? i think im stupid . yeah canberra grammar is a really good school :slap:
sebLG said:
also whats props grenade?
only works with a decent fish eye lens. camera man sticks his arm out with a well formed fist at the end of it. rider does same. fists connect. sounds effect of explosion made my camera man.

it's pure gold. it's so stupid that it pulled a 180 and ended up being cool. :D
Jaw was on the ground for both vids, especially elite, dickey is much better than I ever thought. I only go to watch it for a few minutes though, will reply more when I finish it later. Awesome comp footage... :eek3:
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