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Some videos from Spain of the best riders UCI/BIU riders!

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Racing videos, low quality (DIVX 352*[email protected]) with 22050 sound, but despite it you will see many good riders making world records, sections, UCI/BIU of course!!!

Some videos:

Benito Ros sidehop world record: 135cm
Spanish indoor cup (UCI) 2003
BIU world championship intro videos 2002
BIU world championship intro videos 2003
Spanish indoor cup (BIU) 2002
Spanish indoor cup (BIU) 2003
And more...

English version soon!!!

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Before I download these can you tell me if they are the same Mondial clips that you posted on your site a few months ago?
Is it just me or do you guys get like 400 bytes/sec as well?
no theyhave slow connection. don't bother dl'ing, it's not worth the 5+ hours it takes just for a 2 minute video with half decent riding
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