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Some pics from todays group ride...Jan 11th, BOULDER

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huge pictures. Dig them

Railing gap:

Yeah so gap to the railing...then to the trash can, which you can't even see in that picture. But you can in this one! :

And finally landing on the trash:

Here are a few pics of a sidehop to warm up:

Pics of other riders in a second...
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qulity on those is pooooooooop, but they are nice and big. The hi res shots are amazing.
even those look better than 99% of anyother pictures on the net web
sick as a hospital.... nice pics there homes! i cant wait to see more, some of the footie turned out fookin sweet, what i have seen so far that is.
graham going huge sidehop...well huge for most people, like a curb to graham.


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GREAT pics dolphin :bigthumb:, super sick gap Andrew.

I can't wait til we go out and have two still cameras, and two video cameras... talk about covering the riders :).

If you camera has a raw or tiff mode it would be advantageous to use it if you have the space on your card. Since it isn't compressing the photos and throwing out useless parts of them like jpegs you can use photoshop to recover over or underexposed parts of the pictures even moreso than you can if you shoot in jpeg. I know it won't be worth your time for most photos, but for those that you may want to print, it'd definitely be worth your time to shoot in raw and postprocess them in PS.

I definitely don't have the space yet to shoot in raw, hopefully I can come up with the money to buy a couple more cards in the near future :D.

I have a f/1.8 lense that should be here any day now... then I'll finally be able to capture riding better at night.

Basically I'm rambling on because I'm excited as hell for this semester's riding and I love taking pictures and talking about it :p.
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i have the space to shoot in raw, but it basically takes away the advantage of the digital camera. you can't see the finished product until you put it on the computer... or can you? digital is still new to me. Theis is my first digi cam. i will probably try it out one day when i am extremely comfortable with the camera.

thanks for all the compliments guys. :)

edit: i have more from saturday... they will be up momentarily
Please tell me my broken knee caps shot came out hahahaha....good times, hurting like a mofo now.

Here is kevin, atop a huge wedge:

Kevin, monster gapola:

Kevin, famous wedgy from cotrials...4?:

Up....hey, isn't that an XTP!?:

Josh pulling a massive 6 foot high up 180 between the ledges:


Back this way:

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Amazing pics , well done !!!!!! :bigthumb:
one more for you guys.

this is josh, trying to WEDGE this thing. This block of brick has been responsible for breaking my front teeth a few years ago, and yesterday another nice fall...wait for the vid....hmm that fire hydrant looks sexy? ;)

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awesome pics dolphin- also thanks for posting andrew. i cant wait to see more and the full sizer magoo action!
hey Andrew thanks for posting the pictures they are really sick. Not to bad Dolph for some 1st time digi shots, mad props! We all got to ride more often, I had a great time. Peace Josh
You bastards can actually ride...? It's literally like -5 degrees outside over here in MA it sucks. Whateva ill be back sunday night.
josh- riding this weekend? yeah crescent rider, thats whY i don't go home to jersey very often...been riding in shorts and t-shirt ever day for the last week. Of course now I'm sick so that sucks ass.
shorts and a tee shirt? damn, if i wore that here i would die in 2 minutes i think. some cars wont even start cause its to cold.
yeah, massachusetts is cold this time of the year...
those pictures are sweet! i live in boulder and am looking for someone to ride with while the weather is still unseasonably warm!
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