some non trials stuff for sale

Discussion in 'The Gutter' started by Tanner, Oct 27, 2004.

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    As I need money to fund a new stock, I have put these up for sale

    GT speedseries XL frame - year 2000? anyways, 20.25" toptube, BMX bb shell, no cracks, but scratches, no dents.

    Scott "boulder" MTB frame+headset cups+shimano UN52BB - Size 16" I think, all 4130 cromo, perfect for the smaller rider.

    Profile rebranded GT cranks - 180mm crank arm length, BMX bb cups, spindle and spacer included. All hardware. The screw to attach the sprocket to the crankarm is stripped if you use a 6mm allen wrench, but works fine if you use a 7/32" allen wrench.

    Monty xalp frame + BB + crank arms (drive side broken) + wheels..if I can find them. Frame is scratched, no dents, no cracks. bash mounted and included.

    email me at [email protected](dot)net, or reply here. Make an offer. If I like your price, I'll consider it. No useless posts. No international shipping. Buyer pays shipping