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Hmm, Ill see what I can do for details, or maybe next time you should just COME! :rolleyes: :p

Seth rode with Chris a lot and just kind of tried to pull whatever lines Chris was pulling, they didnt really work on slaps, just talked about them for a bit on the first day. I saw Seth pull some pretty good wedges and gaps as usual, he's starting to look comfortable on the XTP. With Chris there pulling all kinds of ups and gaps to front wheel Seth worked on that a lot. After two days of riding he started pulling gaps to nose pretty reliably, using that long XTP for all it's worth. At the end of the second day Seth worked on this gap up to nose on an overhang that many people were too freaked to gap from to the lower point. He hit it over and over and over and finally made it reeeaaalll smooth, looked like a pro, the only thing holding him back is bits of advice from those in the know, once he hooks up with some people in CO and then Jeremy in Oregon, he'll be the bee's knees. (yeah, I just said bee's knees)

Chris Pitts, Ive seen him ride before, and everyone else may have known this, but this guy is a lot better than I ever thought. Chris shows up with this huge Try-All running it up front and throws anything down like it's nothing. He pulled (no pic) this one gap up from rear to both from down in a ditch up to this smooth small overhang that was just unimaginable, especially considering his sloped, smooth, tiny take off from down in the ditch, best line of the weekend in my opinion. Chris is definitely pro.

This was the first time for me to meet Oronde Armstrong, this guy can ride as well. He's riding this old Norco with El Gato tires, hasnt ridden for 4 months, shows up and has this style that just makes you watch. He looked like he's really at home on urban stuff but could hold his own on natural. He could pull off a ton of things with those El Gatos folding like paper that others couldnt with the ickiest of the stickiest tires. Getting him off the short Norco frame and focused on trials instead of motoX would result in another awesome TX rider.

I would consider this Stan's real debut on the ZOO! Pitbull he bought from Seth. On the Norco he was excelling well enough, but putting him on the Pitbull increased every one of his moves by 40%. I think this is the kind of improvement youd see in Oronde if you got him on a longer frame as well. But Stan was upping tons of things to rear, pivoting and dropping like a pro. His sidehops were bigger than Id ever seen them and bigger than what he thought he could do too. I think one pic captures it, but everything he would sidehop he would go 3 to 4 inches more than he meant to with that long frame, it was awesome. And when Seth sold Stan this frame he passed along sick rear wheel ability as well, he can sequence gap like Seth can now. The only thing holding him back now is his hub. He's got a King on order and once it's here he's going to tear it up. He's the closest rider to me down here in Granbury, so we're going to try to hook up more and ride in Fort Worth some. :sonic:

Sean showed up with a new BB and pedals this time so he could actually ride without wrenching after every move. Sean's got pedal ups and will tries ups and surges to rear all over the place. It's obvious he likes natural the most. He's still running low tire pressure and folding here and there, but when someone isnt asking him what front rim he is running he's tearing up the natty. (people kept asking what front rim he ran all weekend)

It was awesome to see Kelly Pickrell riding again, I hadnt seen him ride much lately, he's been busy with a house purchase or something. But he's smooth as always and pulling bigger things. There's a gap only a few people were brave enough to pull from this overhanging rock down to the base rocks over a bunch of crappy rocks that would make a nice crash if you didnt make it or wussed out. Kelly pulled it once or twice, but would do so after taking some tech line up to it that should have worn him out, 'twas cool.

Jeff Edgington is riding his Lynx better everytime I see him. This weekend he was trying almost everything all the others were. Like a lot of people, I didnt hang by him much while riding so I didnt get to see it all, but when he really focused he was hitting whatever he wanted. I think he may have pulled some of the most lengthy and precise gaps he's ever pulled, at least from what Ive seen him do.

Jack Edgington was there as well in full form and trying just about anything as well. Jack took a spill or two but, as always, got back up and tried it again. :sonic: I dont know if you remember how he rode before, but he's taking more time on the rear and hitting some more precise gaps now, pretty schmeet. I always like riding with Jack, didnt get to much this time though.

I think out of the McCall's, Scott is the one who surprises me as far as improvement goes each time I see him ride. He'll always hit something bigger or more tech the next time I see him ride. Other than a few gaps that were pretty awesome and one awesome huck off a pretty smoothed out steep rock one thing that sticks out in my mind from this weekend is him killing his bashgaurd, a few zip ties later he was riding again, but it's funny these guys always have another part or backup plan for their bikes. :sonic:

Jim McCall is always pulling long lines where he almost pulls them 100%. Like Purgatory, he was looking at long lines with more than 5 or 6 constant moves and would pull 4 to 5 of them clean and then just kind of botch the last one. He's about the only one I really see do this, he'll just go to rear, gap, up, gap, go to both, and then on one last little move he'll kind of loose it. In my opinion this is all pretty good, soon enough he'll smooth his last move out and pull long lines most of us dont even see. Jim's another guy I didnt ride with too much this weekend, but when I did he was trying whatever he saw, barely any hesitation.

David Weyman, tall as they come, was riding his Ilions he built back up while selling his Echo. David helped organize the whole thing and didnt ride too much, but just chilled and took pics, cool guy who's willing to help the ride along anyway he can. Thanks for the hospitality Dave.

This was my first time to meet Ian, he's only been riding a little while and rides the best he can on what he's got and was really focusing on a lot of different things. With the time to practice he'll be good because he looked pretty intent on learning what's important. Plus Ian has an advantage over all of us because he runs that oh so cool rear view mirror on his helmet. :rofl: :p Just harassin' him, real nice guy, good for the scene down there.

Will Ernst showed up on his spankin new Echo he bought on eBay, looked like a REAL nice bike for what he paid, nicer than any beginner could really ask for. He's pretty new to trials so he wasnt working on much and spent a lot of time taking pics with his sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet digiSLR from Canon. Expect some awesome shots from this weekend by him. :sonic:

I think the last Austin local that will soon be moving to California is Jay Blincoe. I met Jay the second day and tested out my ankle on his PX before I even bothered pulling mine out, thanks for that. :bigthumb: Jay's new to it all but another who looked pretty determined. Once he gets out to Cali and catches up with some of the guys out there he'll excel. Jay was already riding the rear wheel pretty well and had improved by the end of the ride that day, pretty awesome to see. Hope all goes well in Cali.

Bah! I forgot the A&M guys. Stu and Steven showed up on the second day and could only stay for a little while before having to head back to College Station. Steven is totally an urban guy on that Monocog but can hold his own and do some drops out on the natty at the Greenbelt we rode. I joke with him about it, but I dont know if he can get away from his Redline, an awesome bike, but not for trials, haha, he hates me now, I said it front of the world now. :p Steven came up with Stu, someone I hadnt met before. Stu was riding the 7.5 lb PX Pitbull like it was nothing. This guy has a few of the basics and then one or two awesome top level moves down, it's a strange mix, but with time he's going to be reeaall good, he's just got the tall build to ride well, kind of like Andy Listes possibly. Who knows, but I want to go down to A&m and ride with these guys sometime, cool to ride with.

So there ya go Aaron, those are the details from the rides. Friday night some of us went to David Weyman's place, drank, and did the drunk trials thing. :rofl: The rest of us went out to eat, played pool, and just chilled in general. I got to watch the "Yeah Right" skate vid which was pretty awesome. :sonic:

I know it wasnt totally focused on him, but if it was in any way Seth's farewell, Id say it was adequate. Alright, Im done blabbin, ttyl.

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Aaron, no I did not get "taps". First off, I already told you, I'm retarded.
Secondly, we're were in that creek bed for over ten hours in two days!! It was sick!! But didn't have any real place to practice taps. We rode a lot of static lines. I was pretty damn tired on the way home.
that is the most natural I have ever ridden in two days. And the biggest group ride I have been on since in Texas, you missed out.
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