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Unfortunately I could not go due to vast amount of hw and not being able to get a ride. Seems like a lot of people had cameras so I would like to see the gathering of the mid-west scene. :D

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Well, there were 2 cameras there, My digital still, and a mini DV that didn't seem to be working well.
Of the 6 or 7 riders there, I was the only one with a trials bike. (well, AJ was riding a Norco Team Trials, but it had a 4" travel judy, Maxxis hookworms and crap for brakes.) Every one else was riding hucking/freeride bikes.
Not much of a group trials ride, but I had a great time anyway.

Most likley, the highlight of the ride was seeing the Red Bull rep, In his Red Bull mobile, getting pulled over by the police for an illegal U-turn in the ghetto. The fuzz got some free Red Bull, and the rep just got a verbal warning. (of course we were able to catch up before the police left and get some free Red Bull for ourselves :yum: )

As soon as I remember how to post pic's I'll put up a few.[/img]
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