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Snow + Boredom + Spray Paint = ...?

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The first yellow Kokk Levelboss 1065? :Wavey:
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:wtf: Wow, good job in making the ugliest Koxx ever! Ha Ha. :p
Cole said:
:wtf: Wow, good job in making the ugliest Koxx ever! Ha Ha. :p
Jesus guys, you're nasty today.

Hopefully Adam takes it lighty. I kind of like it though :bigthumb:, it's definitely different and I like yellow :).

.....and it was all yellow

Gonna paint my 1100 brown with TURD decals.Longest turd in town....
bah, Mike is painting is Koxx mod blue.
Hehe, good to see you all hate it :)

Wanted something new and different... first choice was pink (they didnt have any), then yellow or light blue (like Curtis)... ended up yellow after tossing a coin.

Not that you care though :p
KOKK? pink? I'd stay away from dark alleys in the night if I were you
well thats a really good job! and i actually like the colour, but u should have made it a matallic colour! :slap: if you do it again, a gold koxx levelboss is the way to go :yum: ... how did u do it? just spray paint it?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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