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Sno-Cat rims

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i am going to try one of these out on my front wheel. My LBS has about 5-6 of them, never used, $25. if you want one, let me know, if you hate them for some reason ,let me know so i dont make a mistake by trying one. these things are insanely wide though, and they look like a lite rim. we'll see how big of a hole the ycan have. :?

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well ive seen 1 1/8" holes done on a dx32, and the snow cats are massive. they might be a problem for setting up brakes. also they might be weaker, since theyre so wide they might be easier to flatspot than other rims. also, from the pics below, they seem to be single walled too. but for 25 dollars, i guess it cant hurt to try them. just make sure your brakes will still have room to be set up.

1 1/8" holes on dx32:

snow cat:

a TON of info on snowcat rims:

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They are definitely single walled Roman, I checked some out at a shop in leadville once... I think they may actually be too wide for a front rim. At least you'll need to run a BIG tire to make sure you don't screw up the rim. Personally when I upgrade, it'll be to a dx32 or tryall.

Elan don't be silly....

Brett runs these front and rear doesn't he? Or were those even massiver massive things...anyways look whats randomly hiding in my apartment (dig the slippers!):

If you are silly enough to want to run something this massive in the front, at least go with something not ghetto...my front rim is 1- 1/4" wide, and thats all I'll ever go.
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Nah, Brett runs a completely different rim, and for those that don't recognize it, thats a tryall 47mm rim.
the try-all 47mm honker kicks ass for a front rim. i loved it untill i switched back to disk and couldnt run that wheel with that set up. damn no good lousy non-disk hub... dx-32 kicks ass though, all you will ever need and it wont suck like a sno-cat will. thats basically a blown up version of the crap on k-mart bikes.
it's a front rim, who cares how strong it is. even for really hard slaps it shouldn't matter. plus it's $25.
Hey for $25 I would buy one. I used to run them on my mod back in 98 when they were your only option for a really fat rim. I never had any problems with mine expect it was difficult finding a pad and brake that would fit the rim. Note that was way back in the dark days of trials so they will probably be fine now. Cheap=good, look at my jankie ass front wheel $15 it rules! it acutally really sucks but who cares it roles, bike parts suck ride the damn bike.
hmmm..i donno... meh. im with josh. ride teh damn bike.... i was riding my bike yesterday, i want to shoot myself,because i suck soooo bad.
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