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small j-zap

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I was working on j-zaps this entire summer. Now I seem to have finally got the trick to them... ie go fast don't touch the brakes and smack into the wall as you are pedalling... :D
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sounds like pac man! but looks like a japslap, the summer seems to have paid off.
looks like you are doing well with the slap move. keep practicing and you will get higher and better!
thanks guys. i think this is one of the more satisfying moves in trials when done right.
try it from about 1 3/4 bike lengths away :D looks nice :bigthumb:
Hey roman, where are you living right now?
Thanks Dolphin.

To P3:
i live in Purdue (West Lafayette, IN) that is surrounded by corn fields. What family guy episode is your avatar from? I thought I had most of them...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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