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Shout Box

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I just saw a site that has a shout box at the entrance page. Its like a mini topic where people can post random messages.
Just thought it's pretty cool.

the site is http://www.3dkingdom.org/ if you wanna see it.
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ben slinger has this on his site, it looks like he uses the same forum format too phpBB...
www.tag-board.com, matt..i donno if you wanna use it or wot tho..
You english Elan, or just typing like em now?

I thought about this when I first made the site, but I decided it could possibly be a bad idea. I don't want some **** coming and screwing around with the front page.
sounds blitzy wot!!
It would be a pretty cool addition, but totally unneeded for a site with a forum as good as this
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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