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short vid

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lamo quality vid (also short) from my ride in MD. Just felt like wasting time instead of studying :(
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rofl andrew, that was the first thing I thought of for "a smart ass reply". Were those mario brothers sound effects, or did things just come out like that?
I think it will be interesting to take a video with a phone. :rofl: It was taken in 320x240 10fps mode by my Digi Cam. It makes great still pictures but is not so good for videos. The sound effects occured just because the audio was stretched out with the video as well, when I added the slow down effect.
Only suggest i would have would be no more slow mo. After the first one i was like "oh no please don't do it again"...and then it happened :wtc:

Looks like a fun place!
Yeah the slo mo was just their as filler to make it slighly longer. heh. I won't do it next time
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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