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Shiramizu's fork?

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Just wondering what Kevin S's fork is? It looks like a PX Knifen light with the stickers taken off.

If so, how do you like it? I am thinking of getting one of those because of strength, price, and looks. Is ti stiff?

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Yes it is.

He likes it, but its not "light" as the name would suggest (round 2.75). He breakes any other fork in a month or two for some reason. It is nice and stiff.
Bloodhound said:
Is ti stiff?
ti can be stiff but for the most part most people feel it flexes more than aluminum...

just joshin'

yeah, it is the px "light" fork. it weighs about 2.7 pounds... they claim 2.2 in print stuff but then again planet x has a different gravitational pull then earth does so things weigh less there...

it is pretty stiff and so far the disk portion of it is holding up nicely. it is cheap too considering you will get a fork that will probably hold up much longer than other stuff out there. i dont know about buying this for its "looks" but to each his own. i think they are fugly but they look better on some bikes than others.

i would recommend the fork. it doesnt blow me away but at the same time, i dont even think about it because it's dependable and that's a pretty good place to be in with a product.
My px lite fork weighs 2.3 pounds with the steer tube cut a bit and brake bosses off. They are an ugly fork tho. Too bad they couldn't clean it up a bit.

Personally I think steel is a good idea for a fork. I bet with a regular looking design and some nice materials you could get one at 2 pounds that is plenty strong enough.
mine weighed 2.1 with a cut steerer and canti bosses off. maybe thats cuz i sanded it like fuck.
my zoo fork is a good fork.
i weighed mine with the steere uncut and it was 2.7... but then again it has like a 4 foot steerer when you buy em new. mine is down to 2.4 i think now that it's all set up.

another post about how elan has a zoo fork?
WhiteRavenKS said:
another post about how elan has a zoo fork?
I dont understand why people think it looks lik shiet? I think it looks sweet! Beefy simply and somewhat different. I'm getting one...

"ti can be stiff but for the most part most people feel it flexes more than aluminum...

just joshin'"

Soooo...? are you joking or not? It would make sence that aluminum forks feel stiffer but then you put 'just joshin' underneath so..?
The only ti forks I've ever felt feel like a freaking NOOODLE. I have no problems with alum or steel either way for forks....and yes the p-x is the ugliest one ever made.

I want to see what those fournales forks feel like, but that'll probably never happen.
Bloodhound said:
Is ti stiff?

Ti is also heavier that most materials. To make it stiff, you'd have to use a lot of ti, and that would mean you'd have a 10lb fork on the front.

Forget Ti, period. I posted somewhere else on this Forum as to 'why' ti sucks.
ahhh crap... this whole time I meant "it", "is it stiff?" and not "ti", titanium

I just realized this typo a minute ago.

So to rephraze; is the 'PX Knifen light' stiff?
yes it is a stiff fork.

i was joking about the ti crap.
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