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Selling my Brisa B20-mint shape

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Ok I am a 6 4 rider and have decided that stock is all I need, now to build up my new bike I need to get rid of this one first (Which sucks, cause this one is in beautiful shape, but I guess it's better for you guys) It is a blue 2003 Brisa B20 frame, all Brisa stickers have been removed, some scratches near the bashguard no dents or cracks. Brand new HS 33 (With 2 sets of Plaz Pads) Profile cassette hub, new monty cranks, new monty stem, echo bar, etc. Very nice ride all around but my 6 4 frame clearly is too big for it. I am asking 500 dollars if you live within 2.5 hours of Boston MA I will personally drive it to you. Pics upon request (EMAIL [email protected]) thanks

-Dan Bowhers
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Yeah I know, I hit you up again, I think we can work something out!
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