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Do you mind riding a frame with no seat?

  • My back hurts too much with no seat present.

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  • They make bikes with no seat...?

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so whats your opinion on the whole seat, no-seat thing?
All the really nice frames I like have no seat, but sitting is good, hmmm...

I think all the reasnable options have been listed...

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im just used to riding without a seat. sometimes on my bikes that do have seats (dh, streety hardtail) i find myself standing up a lot more than necessary.
Well, I moved this to Observed Trials Discussion cause I wasn't sure why it should be in the media section.

Anyhow, I ride without a seat. I find that when I have a seat on I bang the hell out of my inner calves and I can't trackstand very well because when I lean my bike to one side or the other, the seat limits the amount I can "tilt" the bike.

there are many times when having no seat has saved me from very painful times, plus, they weight like a pound. ?
weel, you don't need a seat on a trials bike, so i don't have one. i like my bmx seat though.
Where's the option "I need a seat so I can sit around and watch everyone that does not suck like me."
Morryjg said:
Where's the option "I need a seat so I can sit around and watch everyone that does not suck like me."
haha That was actually one of the original options but it evolved into the 'I'm too lazy not to have a little sit down after every line...' option because you genrally watch somebody else after your line anyway.

Whats the farthest you guys go without a seat, distance wise?
Doesnt it bother you that you cant sit down and relax and catch your breath?
Back when I bothered riding long distances, a mile or two on a mod was normal....and if you can't catch your breath while standing up, you have serious health issues.
the first night i had my bullit built up a few years ago i rode it to my school, rode around ther, rode home- no seat though i had the wrong size post. all said and done that was a 36 pounds free ride bike, seatless, for over 8 miles.

i used to ride to my friend's house on my hydra "back in the day." it was about 3.5 miles one way. it sucked but i did it cus i wanted to ride. i will ride all day without a seat now and not even think twice about it. we may only be covering a not even a mile's worth of distance from the parking spot but it's usually a solid few hours-all day of trials along the way. if i wanted to sit down there is grass, park benches, ledges... all sorts of stuff i would ten times rather sit on than a damn bike seat- am i the only one that thinks bike seats are not the ideal sitting perch?
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Seats are for fools:) I did zip tie one to my bike recently, but I still rarely use it. People don't ask me where my seat is though:).
still have a seat, attached with wire, mainly because if i didnt i would have to look at a badly hacksawed seat tube, people would ask me where my seat is and when my tyre gets wet or dirty its not fun to sit on to have a rest
Riding w/o a seat builds abbs and your legs. Its like a free working while you get from one spot to the next.
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