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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Justin.L, Apr 10, 2004.

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    alright, if your not sure of something, use the search. i know tons of people have said this. but all i see these days are wuts the best bike, cheapest bike, best hub under 100 bux, best hub, blah blah, bullshit...blah blah. seriously use the search. i guarantee most of your basic questions will be answered. lets not turn this into :slap:
  2. atypical

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    oh god no shit, just go there and search too- I know ive polluted that site with lots of crap, READ you degenerates, think before you fill this place up with :greddy: questions

  3. RomanC

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    I think it would help a lot if Bill made a review seciton where people can post their products about Tire X and frame Y and people who are looking for new bits can check the review section prior to asking "so I am looking for a new frame. what should I get?"

    This would be similar to the mtbrreview but hopefully more intelligent.
  4. afrobot

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    every good aspect of every other crappy site should be included here if possible.

    How bouts a beginner forum, and a members only advanced forum.Noobs can look,,, but cant post!!!!

    How elitist of me :bigthumb:
  5. OTAdmin

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    Roman, I don't have the time to code all of that at the moment with school being terribly hectic, nor do I have the money to buy software for product reviews. This summer I hope to make some money and purchase some review software for you guys or I may write my own if time permits. I would also like to get started on a FAQ, but I don't see any reason why I should carry the entire site, as its only harming you guys in the end. I'll do it, but things would be much better if more people contributed FAQ topics with the proper answers via PM or e-mail, and they would also get added to the site a lot faster. If you guys want to start answering some questions for beginners, I'll start building a FAQ section and adding your questions and answers to it. These can continually be revised with input from many people as things change.

    This isn't a full time job for me, I'm a student and do this because I love biketrials and most of the people who ride it ;). I could accept donations for the review software I'd like to buy (its $150), but I feel that would degrade the community we have here. I know $150 isn't much, but I'm lucky to meet expenses for this site, my apartment, food, clothing, insurance, gas, etc every month. And getting this site going before sponsors could help pay the bills really drained my pockets.

    I don't ordinarily like to discuss this stuff, but I figured you guys have a right to know why some parts of the site are missing. Another reason for this is that the site is really pretty new. I opened the site to you guys in mid-late September 2003, and we've grown exponentially since then. We still have a long ways to go in finding the best ways to organize the collective knowledge that are our members. I think a faq and a review section are a step in the right direction, but these things take time to develop.

    I have no problems discussing this topic in this thread, PM, e-mail, or where it probably should be... the Forum Help & Suggestions forum :). If you have questions, advice, or whatever... let me know! I would like this to be the most informative trials site on the internet, with the best online community. I think we've already succeeded in the latter, we just need to better organize our knowledge :).

  6. RomanC

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    Well I guess the FAQ with a few moderators and many contributers would be of great value to people. I guess it could be divided into sections on technique, maintenance, parts, etc.

    As far as having no money/time I know that all too well...
  7. AgrAde

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    you could always (get someone to) do a crappy from-notepad-html page with a buying guide. another one for beginner techniques. (with video...?)

    i would help with this but my experience with parts wouldnt qualify me to write a guide. i'd do some techniques writing but i don't have a video camera, and since i mostly ride alone i have no clue if i have yucky bad habits or not.
  8. DMArnt

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