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be there or die like a person who is no longer living...
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plan is to ride the other side of campus... the one we never ever ever never ever hit... i dont know if i will be riding but i will be there with a camera for sure. gotta see how my spine and shoulder and wrist feel in the morning.
did kev fall and go boom-boom? :slap:
4 times in a row on something too big for my pants. wait for shit your pants pictures from dolphin.
kevin i am bringing the CD. i haave 96 pictures i guess. i be there at 12:30
gnarles in charge, i cant wait to see em all!

i doubt i will be riding today... wrist and shoulder feel like train crashes but i will be there pointing lenses.
wish i could make it.

i am working the WRC

i am heading out around 10 tonight just to keep the streak going.
well we had some fun? we did a lot of filmings.
cool they did alot of filming friday also.

it was sweet going out there and making a fool of myself and watching some really good riders.

Erik S.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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