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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by RyanMcVicker, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. RyanMcVicker

    RyanMcVicker Well-Known Member

    I want to get some riding gear, so what stuff should I get?

    1. I might get some trials specific shoes, but wich ones? (any recommended socks?)

    2. What shorts? (recommended underwear?)

    3. What shirt/jersey?

    4. I need a new helmet, so what helmet?

    5. I have some gloves that aren't full finger, I guess im fine with those... but, do you recommend full finger?
  2. AndyT

    AndyT New Member


    1. Try all or monty are you choices for the most part, go either way...personal preference. SOCKS?!? Go to walmart, ask for their socks location. They come in black, white, low cut or knee high.

    2. Boxers or briefs. Whatever shorts fit your waist.

    3. T-shirts.

    4. Skate or mtb? One is expensive, one protects better...go by your own personal choices (money wise and looks wise)

    5. dear christ, are the ones you have fishnet and neon blue? Get full finger....or run nothing.

  3. Elan

    Elan steve french

    try all shoes are pretty available, and are a pretty good shoe. im not sure about hte monty.

    bmx style helmets are the worst IMO, isweat so bad in those. i have a giro animas, i havent sweated much at all. despite the fack it cost 6X as much, and i got it at cost.

    full finger gloves with thin or no padding .
  4. RyanMcVicker

    RyanMcVicker Well-Known Member

    1. Ive heard the Ribo ones are very good? But i think the try all ones are the only ones available in the us, unless i special order some, plus i think the tryall ones are the only ones sized with the us system...

    2. I was thinking the koxx shorts... I can't really find anything else. Even though i do see those crazy skin suits in vids (echo vid 12, bt vid 2), but i think only pros in big comps wear those... And i cant find em for sale anyways... So koxx shorts it is i guess

    3. t-shirts work for me, but a jersey would be nice also, they dont absorb sweat as much as a tshirt.. But my options are limited again, ive only discovered the try all/koxx jerseys and echo jersey, but i dont think those echos are widely for sale.. (ive only seen tra and lee shiming with them)

    4. I will definetly want a mtb styled helmet, i have one now, but its breaking apart and its kinda old and not very snug... probobly a bell, what are some good ones?

    5. yes, i have half fingered gloves... But they were given to me from a friend, so they were free. Would full fingered be alot better? What ones should i pick from?
  5. hophopsnap

    hophopsnap Well-Known Member

    1. dont know
    2.some breathable mountain bike shorts, not strectch fit, the baggy ones, like downhill shorts.
    3.racing jerseys
    4.bmx helmet=stronger, looks good, kinda freestylish/mountain=super breathy, looks good, more trials/mtb (IF YOU RIDE MOD DONT GET A BMX HELMET, PEOPLE WILL THINK YOUR A BMXER WITHA MESSED UP BIKE)
    5.I get full finger then cut off the first finger to halfway to the knuckle so I can brake better. No full finger for me as I dont get as good a feel with them and you get better grip on the lever unless you are mad sweaty. check out some bmx gloves or something. fox has alot to but they dont last to long.
  6. 1. i know they aren't trial specific but etnies make sum good grippy shoes
    2.i just got some nice race face shorts that breathe really well, and boxer or breifs again
    3.t-shirts are good, but if you want more air get a jersey
    4.bmx or skate helmet
    5.again raceface makes some good gloves, and fox are okay, get what feels comfortable....fullfing i find is better
  7. Spacemunkee

    Spacemunkee Guest

    i just bought a new helmet and its darn good a giro semi mx you really dont feel like your wearing it! and it comes with loads of extra padding in case you buy a size too big so it can all be adjusted. top notch around £40 in the uk.. thats like umm $60?

    if you want a nice feeling without the use of gloves why dont you look in to some foam grips? another one of my recent purchases i can ride for hours now without gloves and blisters :)
  8. xxxfr


    Ive been using bmx flat shoes, road helmet/jersey, normal shorts/underware
  9. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    Are you a roadie? :ugh:

    I seriously thought this was a big joke.
  10. Coramoor

    Coramoor New Member

    I find I can jump higher with a the right helmet. :rolleyes:

    I also feel that riding natural while being naked makes it feel more natural....
  11. Little Android Man

    Little Android Man Free Cup!

    1-vans rowleys :)
    2-Wal Mart
    3-Wal Mart/t shirts or jerseys.
    4-def go full face if your hardcore
  12. xxxfr


    yea im also a roadie :p
  13. RyanMcVicker

    RyanMcVicker Well-Known Member

    No, I am not a roadie..

    I didn't think people would respond with jersey, i thought they would tell me a specififc one.. Like the Try all jersey, and give me details..

    I am looking for trials specific gear, like stuff made by trials companys.. Except helmets, because no trials company makes a helmet..

    Sorry for the stupid post i guess... (andrew, about the socks... I should of said if there are any socks that are bike specific that shear away sweat, or whatever.. i know i can always wear regular socks...)

    I guess ill just get those koxx shorts (the ones Kevin S. and many others wear)
    Then maybe a webcyclery tshirt or try all jersey
    Also, i dunno which shoes yet..

    never mind everything else, the main thing I want to ask you guys about are SHOES, there are like 4 different shoes, which ones are my best bet? Tryall, monty, ribo, theres one more, is it tibo?

    this was a stupid thread, just tell a moderator to delete it, lol, sorry guys

    was just trying to find some trials clothing to represent the trials companys
  14. OTAdmin

    OTAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Don't let em keep ya down :) The thread wasn't stupid, there are a lot of anal people that do all kinds of special (weird?) things to make their ride more enjoyable. If wearing wicking socks makes you happy, wear them. If you don't know if it would make you happy, but they sound nice - ask about em :).

    1.) No idea, know anyone that makes size 15 trials shoes?

    2.) I just wear whatever is clean (or dirty if I'm feeling naughty :eek: :naughty: )

    3.) I almost always wear my webcyclery shirts when I ride, but they also make Jerseys

    4.) I can always be found sporting a mtb helmet, but I can't remember the make or model.

    5.) I definitely recommend full finger, the extra grip and protection is nice. And besides, you don't want to look like a roadie on a trials bike, do you? ;)

  15. Tanner

    Tanner New Member

    As for the gloves, Mechanix original full finger. Fucking bomb proof. I've only damaged mine from touching super hot metal when I was welding.
  16. AndyT

    AndyT New Member

    don't take me personally there are alot of people here who like to make jokes, and I though this was one of htem.

    As for a jersey- I don't know anyone that rides in a jersey except for competitions, in which only sponsored riders wear a jersey. Honestly it looks really really funny if you go on a ride with special "bike gear" for trials.

    Koxx "makes" helmets, if you want to be really cool you could buy a whole outfit from them- socks, gloves, helmet, jerseys, pants, shoes, condoms, shorts). Keep in mind you will be paying 10x out the ass for shoddy products, but hey it says koxx on it!

    Socks that shear sweat? Just go to performance and buy some fancy XC or whatever socks, trials riders aren't generally into this whole thing- t-shirt, shorts, cotton, walmart, dans comp, skate shoes, and a helmet is all you need to know.

    My koxx shorts were stolen from my car, I wouldn't mind new ones but keep in mind they are expensive and are made like shit...but they look nice- everyone made fun of me when I first got them a couple years ago...but now look :rolleyes:

    Try-all shoes and monty shoes...the montys are slippers, they are made for VP pedals- do you run those? The try-alls are more of a compromise between a slipper and a skate shoe...I love my montys, others love their try-alls. The main difference is the look, and the try-alls are a bit stiffer in comparison.

    I hate mechanix gloves- they are insanely thick (in comparison to the .0004 mm thick calf skin hebo "gloves" I run). You will have to personally find what you need- some like thick gloves, thin gloves; they go along with your hand (how many callouses you don't mind having- thinner = more). Also think about your grips- what do you run? Thick or thin? Mix and match till you find what you like...

    Web cyclery t-shirts are awesome, the "new" style with the long black band only- my closet is littered with them....Also faction bike ( www.factionbike.com ) has hats and shirts available- they are pretty cool as well...so are the stickers. Koxx clothing is just too expensive for what you are getting, but if you have the dough to throw go for it. I just hope you ride one.
  17. xxxfr


    ive been wearing a "baggy" giant road "jersey", and its great for when its hot out....
  18. Shipley

    Shipley ..........

    1. Three different pairs of Rowleys with torn up soles held together by shoogoo
    bike socks work well if you got em, otherwise I just grab whatever doesn't smell the worst.

    2. Ratty khakis or jeans (cutoff if you want shorts) underware? seriously? freeball it.. less weight and cooler.

    3. Fox tshirt style jersey in the stupid Florida daytime heat. Otherwise stink up some tshirts.

    4. Protec and Bell have some good bets.. and if you're not worried about hitting your head, mtb helmets are light and airy as everyone's said. I got a Specialized M1 that works just fine when it's too damn hot for the black Protec

    5. Gloves are different for everyone. I say you get some Xgames gloves from Wallmart. I hear AndyT runs those for the ultimate Tony Little power.