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Riders in Eastern IA or West IL?

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I have family in Muscatine, IA, so I frequent that area. I took my bike out there last year, and nobody at any of the bike shops knew of any other trials riders, or even what trials is sadly. De-virginized the city, and it had a ton of good riding, I thought.

Anyway, if there were any riders, I'd love to meet up next time I'm in the area.

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Pancho, that's hilarious. Dave and I are from Davenport, IA (bout 40 minutes north of muscatine). Davenport has TERRIBLE riding, but always post on here before you go because I or Dave may be heading that way as well :). The guys at On Two Wheels in Davenport know me well, so they have at least heard of trials and stuff, they're a good shop if you need something done while you're in the area.
I'm in davenport all the time too, my relatives live in moline/port byron across the river. Anyways you should check out mud island it has some awesome natural stuff as well as some concrete walls and dirt jumps. post something if you'll be in the davenport area, if i'm up there I'm always up for a ride.
I'm gonna be out there around Christmas I found out today, so if anyone is going to be there, let me know.

:werd: pancho

I will be in Davenport around Christmas time, do you have my cell phone number?
WOW, I do believe we're going to have to get a group ride going. I can drive... I've got plenty of ways to transport bikes :p
So what do you say, Mud island? If you havent been there you should check it out, it has urban-ish stuff, and natural.
Its getting closer to christmas time, should we set a time date and place?
I dunno, I'll need to ask my roomate when he will be back too cause his schedule over christmas is kinda weird. Not to mention the fact that I have no idea what my schedule will be like either, so it's kind of hard to pre-plan. We need to swap phone numbers so we can get in touch in iowa. Where is mud Island?
looking more and more like I wont be able to make it. My dad is thinking about going to Pheonix instead, so he can play a tennis tournament. We'll see, it would be sweet if I could be there though.
Mud Island is in Rock Island near Arsenal Island. Mud island is somewhat hard to find, if you know were the convention center is in moline its behind that. My cell phone # is 502-386-5917
Well, I'm back in Davenport, and haven't really been on the site in about a week :eek3:. Hopefully things calm down here a bit at home.

Pancho, I just got a Canon EOS 300d Digital SLR, so we'll have to play with that and take some good biking pics if we get together. I know you're a camera guy yourself, so it should be fun ;).

Nathan, When are you going to be in the area... from what date to what date?

I'm in Davenport from now until like Jan 5th give or take. Cell = 303-817-4732.

Gimme a call when you get to the quad cities or if you're going for a ride wherever you are.

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Cool, i'll be there the 27th through the 30th. I wont have my jeep but will be able to get a ride to wherever.
I've got transportation too so if you aren't too far away or if we need to go somewhere I can take care of it :).
Maybe we can ride the 28th? the 27th i have family christmas, so I cant do anything that day.
The 28th is a sunday, so there is a good chance I'll be free. When you decide for sure, gimme a call :)
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