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Ride tomorrow (sunday) in the springs?

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Well I know there are going to be three or four of us riding tomorrow around 1 in the afternoon. We're gonna hit up some sweet natural somewhere...

Call my cell phone 719 963 4072 and I'll let you know whats going on.
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im coming down, i want to see this ghetto ass location.

plan to get there around 1:00-:30 ish like you said ponch.
Man, Dave and I are debating it... It's not an easy decision, gonna be like 1:45 to get there from here.
chew know chew want tooo man... think of the gnar pictures.... and the cotrials 6 action...
I know, the only reason I'm considering going is not even the riding! I wanna grab that tape and snap some photos.
well...i have about 2 hours to consider it......
All right, Dave and I are preparing to leave right now. Friggin Andrew kept me up til 3:20 this morning so I could get his video up. :slap:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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