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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Ross, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Ross

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    I have been riding consistently for about the last two months or so and am trying to learn how to ride trials. Right now im riding my XC bike, which is a pretty good bike to learn basic stuff on, i guess. Anyway, I can do very basic stuff such as pivoting, pivoting in place for balance, hopping in place for balance, small sidehops, etc. In the last couple of weeks I have been trying to learn how to hop on my rear wheel and I am having some trouble. I can consistently get only 7-10 hops on my rear wheel and the most that I have done is about 15-16. My problem is that whenever I am on my rear wheel I have trouble hopping forward to gain my balance when I am falling forward. I can hop well to the back and to the left or right to regain balance but everytime the nose of the bike starts coming down I am screwed. Any help.
  2. MegamoMidwest

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    let go of the rear brake and add a little kick of the pedals in there. stay on the ground for the first part and then try a little hop while kicking and moving the bike forward. Also one tip, dont hop for the sake of getting the most hops, hop merely to save your balance.


  3. B1105

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    Use your ass when your on the rear for that second to keep your weight in the center. In addition, add small pedal kicks as Megamo said but just to keep your balance, not to actually go a distance. Overtime, you wont need the pedal kicks but rather can just do small corrective hops or better yet just stand in place like Hermance.