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I have been unable to ride for a few months for other reasons than weather; because I stripped out the bolt threads inside the rear hub axle.

Since I didn't want to buy a new hub or re-lace the wheel, I was trying to have a friend machine me a new axle. Short story: no axle forthcoming after months of pestering him. So I managed to find a cheap hub with the same axle after looking for 2 months. I inserted the new axle in the old hub and all is well. Now I have a new, axle-less hub sitting around.
So I've been thinking how to use the old axle...
Someone suggested along the way that I temporarily use a qr skewer. I was wary of the lever sticking out and coming loose, and the wheel just being loose in general. I figured there must be something similar, but without the lever...

I finally found the solution:


I plan to drill out the threads on the old axle (if needed) and put one of these in. I just have a qr on the front wheel, so I'll replace that with one of these as well.

If anyone has a similar problem, I hope this can help. I could've used it these last couple months...

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Yeah, I have the Axiom ones from Norco, they are definitely a bit delicate.

I have one on the front of my Trials bike, and had one on the rear of my Downhill bike but stripped its threads out.

If you want it to be stronger... use the end nut from a steel Shimano skewer, they're incredibly strong compared to those alloy nuts.
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