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Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by Rob.K, Jun 2, 2004.

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    I think it's an opinion, that's what I think.

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    I don't think hes wrong in many ways. Its an opinion as Sonic says. But go find someone on a koxx 1100 do a bunnyhop to manual. trials riding in north america used to be what you saw in evolve and revolution. now its at a totally different place...

    some ppl think its bad some ppl think its good.
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    great answer Sonic.:rolleyes:

    Thanks for your thoughts on the topic.
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    Heh, by saying that I basically join those who said, "just ride what you want" in the thread. It's pretty useless to sit here and argue over what's better. If someone enjoys one style of riding over another who is to say it's better, maybe better for themselves, but not everyone else.

    I dont know what you want, immature banter? :p

    BTW, not making any shots at you, I like discussions just as much as the next guy, but this one doesnt seem like it's productive. Maybe in the end we would all join hands and call one another a trials rider just because of this thread, but Im not feeling optimistic today. :p

    I almost feel like Joe was trying to copy the thread someone made a while back on .ca where they said something like, "Im a blah blah, I enjoy blah blah, and I dont put up with blah blah." A bunch of members surrounded him singing praises as if he was the braveheart of that trials sect. It was funny, but full of people who just want to make out like theyre style is better, how fruitless.
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    very true.

    Great post sonic,
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    It was an interesting thread!

    I really love all types of bike riding, bmx, mountain bike, trials, free ride, cyclo-cross, track racing and even road racing.

    Four or five years ago the euro style was unknown in the US, but more US riders started going to Europe and quickly decided that for some styles of comp riding a certain bike and set up worked better! That was pretty much common sense, they brought that style back to North America, and they did comps with different bikes and set ups, and their results were good, and people at first poked fun at the wierd set ups but latter they asked lots of questions and noticed how much better the riders became.

    I don't think most of these riders that ride UCI care what you ride at a comp, as far as I can tell they are just happy riding they way they do. They don't expect all riders to ride like they do or even to do comps.

    I am not sure why some of the people that ride the "old style" feel threatened, that type of riding is very appealing and flashy, I don't see it going away.

    Trials riders in North America now have more options, I see that as a positive thing. I think the biggest problem is many times these riders don't get to ride together and so they lack respect for what each type of riding style is doing. Hopefully maturity and liberal mindednesss, will win out!

    You can be happy and proud about the style of riding you do without putting down others or you can make a big deal out of the differences and fight amongest each other all day long. Each rider makes their own choices, but for me I like to see respect for riders of all styles, I think they earn it and deserve it.

    Yes, trials is not the same, but how is that bad, you can still ride like you want to!

    Jim VanSchoonhoven
  8. Andreas

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    if you like short bikes, i don't care. if you like long bikes, i don't care. JUST RIDE YOUR DAMN BIKE. why are the people hatin so much against uci/biu/short/long bikes!! holy shit
    Werd to what jimmybikes said
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    I agree with jimmybikes here. Ride trials anyway you want on anything you want. I hate it when people start talking about what "real" trials is
  10. Darren

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    This is only my second season riding trials but I still have an educated opinion. I think if you want to ride bike trials, you should buy a bike best suited for that particular type of riding ex. a long bike for easyer taps, low standover for maximum extension, and light parts to make the bike easyer to ride. If you want to ride street, buy a le toy. sure trying to do both street and trials on the same bike is fun sometimes, but you are limiting yourself. you'll never be able to ride at your maximum ability at both street and trials because the bike is not ideal for either one or the other.
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    A lot may have no idea who Joe is. Especially Rob. From way before his time. Joe barely rides anymore and is just trying to make a joke and get a laugh. No more and no less.

    Nobody actually cares what bike you ride. What you don't understand aboots BC Rob is that the majority ride shorter bikes. I posted already on but I guarantee even with Joe riding once a month if he's lucky and usually not too trialsy at that, and being one to prefer to not tap on ups, that he will out tap you and a few others.

    It's still aboots the rider Rob. Just an opinion and a joke. Leave it at that.