RB designs levers?

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by bwagner, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. bwagner

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    Ok, I've heard mixed reviews about the RB designs levers for the maggies. I've ridden them for a minute or so on a friends bike, but have no evidence oftheir long term quality. I've heard that they break pretty often, is this true? Are they worth the price and easy to repair? I'm very interested in a pair, but I'd like to be able to feel like I'm getting my moneys worth! After all, they are about the same price i paid for my entire set of maguras, amybe even a few bucks more! Honest personal experiences only please, not unhelpful bashing comments or drivel about making the switch to Vees or something else like that. Thanks for your time and assistance.
    ~Bruce Wagner
  2. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    I bought a pair 1 year ago or so. I loved them. They fit my fingers well, and gave me no problems. Notice how I've been using past tense ;)
    After about 6 months of use my front RB lever crapped out on me, and started spewing oil everywhere. 6 months later than that, same with my other RB. I have tried contacting RB, and they basically tell me to fuck off. I can't find O- Rings of the right size to replace the current ones. I have looked on the inside, tried using teflon tape, etc, to get them not to leak. Nothing worked.
    If you find them for cheap or free-go for it. If you're spending 100+, don't even bother, it's just going to be a let down.
    That said, some people have great luck with them (only a few, mind you). Also, I sold 1 of my broken RB levers to a guy up in Canada, who is currently working on making a CNC lever blade (NOT the whole lever body itself), that is exactly like the RB. This way, you get the same feel as your RB, but without the hassle of leaks etc.

  3. OTAdmin

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    Well, I've had my RB lever for a year now, its performance has been flawless. If you've ridden one then you already know how great it feels, you probably know how powerful it is too, and the increased spongy feel at the lever. If you liked it on your friend's bike, cross your fingers, hope you get a good one, and place the order. I could never again use a regular hs33 lever.

  4. WhiteRavenKS

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    andreas- you need to take the lever into a moto shop or a nice car repair place. there is no way you can't find seals to replace the old leaky cheap ones. if you know the dimmensions of it and go to the right kinds of places you can order up any seal in the world. you can also order ones that will stand up to dot fluid, mineral fluid or even wacky crap like water. i have flipped through a seal catalog with literally tens of thousands of different seals and gaskets in it, you can find new ones.
  5. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    ....anybody know measurements of these seals!? I do have an RB Lever left, and if possible would be extremely anxious to get it up and running again. Anybody at all....?
  6. alexm

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    ive owned both the standard (which i bought second hand) and the disk versions. yes they are comfy. i think that is about it. mine leaked, yes both of them, i didnt mind too much that the second hand one leaked on me but the new disk one went relatively quickly. i will never ride one ever again. they are certainly not worth retail in my opinion. i love the solid standard maggie lever and i loved my xt disk lever that i bought after the RB crapped out on me. now i run an avid mech with xtr lever that feels even nicer. i really do not think they are worth the money when you can buy something better for your bike.

    also i found they gave me much worse brake pump than normal maggie levers.

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  7. stocktrials

    stocktrials Mitch.

    Well put.

    I have had mine for about 2 years now (before they went up in price) and yes it does leak a tiny bit. I just top up the caliper every 4-5 months and its ok again.

    Best of luck (you will need it from what I have heard so far :s)
  8. Elan

    Elan steve french

    i wouldnt even bother... stock magura levers seem to be the rage in france..and if they work there, i guess it works here.
  9. AgrAde

    AgrAde From your head to your fists

    stock magura levers hurt my fingers to hell. when i brake i have the lever on the middle of the last joint on my finger, so the lever cuts in either side of it. stuff like shimano = comfort yaay. my fingers just die when i have the lever on the end of my finger, i must be broken.
  10. smudge

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    Was that my bike? I feel the need to chime in since we didn't discuss it at all on the ride last night. I've had mine for more than two years. I can only nitpick one small detail...it doesn't stay put all the time, a point which some consider to be good. Other than that, I've had zero seal problems, and zero problems of any other nature.

    A point to consider is that if you're picky about having your pads bite only a short distance into the lever travel, you'd better be religious about keeping your rim true. Because of the reduced volume in the master, you have to set up your pads very close to the rim. Before getting the Coust, frame flex caused the pads to rub ALL the time.

    The standard HS-33 lever was starting to give me tendonitis and prevented me from riding as frequently as I would have liked AND it lacked the power that these have. They rock, but not as much as say, oh I don't know, a dual stage hydro brake that would preclude the need for such accurate pad adjustment. Stay tuned.
  11. Mehukatti

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    the RB levers are very very nice when they work! having said that, the default problem is that the the levers have tendency to turn on handlebar and when you try to tighten the lever more, the bolt gets destroyed. most people buy new tightening bolt/screw right away. the second problem is the leaking. some guys are lucky and have no problems, but for some the leaking starts sooner or later. i have had my RB disc lever for few weeks now and it is pissing oil all over the place. i opened the master cylinder and it seems that the oil leaks past the piston which has a rubber seal. i tried to put super glue under the seal to increase the diameter (not really the best solution, but i was desperate) but it didn't help. RB doesn't have any manual for the brake and I haven't heard of spare parts. in a way it is really shame, since the lever has potential to be great.
  12. Johno

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    My RB lever got a leak after 9 months,im sure you already know this,but at the end of the screw that you controll the tightness of the break there is a rubber ring,this is a spare seal.Just peal it of and replace the old one.
  13. Johno

    Johno Guest

    ...and by the way..it works awesom:)
  14. Andreas

    Andreas All About Trials

    are you kidding me? That little piece that is attached to the TPA equivalent?
  15. mikeschiavone

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    the stock levers arent the same ones that we get in the us. at least i dont think so. in croatia, the levers they had were SOOO comfy. those levers almost made me want to still use maggies!

    kevin, chime in on this one.
  16. RomanR

    RomanR DualDisc 26"

    Magura made some CNC lever blades, which are probably the ones you are talking about Mike. They are a bit wider and more rounded out, so they are more comfortable than the normal Magura blades. They come on the 2004 Monty 221's. They stopped making them though.

    These are them,


    And these are the normal HS-33 blades,

  17. Little Android Man

    Little Android Man Free Cup!

    i personally couldnt stand my cousins CNC blade, and i really like the stock one. ieve never tried an RB but i dont think i really have to. the stock blade is probably one of the most comfortable ive ever used. or am i just stpid
  18. Prawn

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    i have had my rb rear lever for over 2 years now, and i can safely say i will never use another lever again
    it really is perfect, i run it with a shimano xtr carbon booster drilled out for 4 bolts, and its stiffer than any standard hs33 lever ive felt, the power is awesome, and its generally perfect, its never leaked, and ive filled it with all sorts of different fluids over the years, from citroen power steering fluid, to wd40, to tap water, cooking oil, mag blood, finish line shock oil, and once water from a pond :p
    its never leaked once, and has been perfect the whole time
    maybe im just lucky, but personally, i really cant see why so many people have problems.
    i know ill never use another lever
    i also had the disc lever for a few months, and that was VERY nice too, although i sold it when i switched to an avid cable disc up front (way better) and ive recently been told the disc lever has started leaking :S

    oh well
    i love them, but it seems to be the luck of the draw
  19. alexm

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    but why do you need to bleed so often? start to feel a little spongey? perhaps it is leaky.
  20. DaneBrammage

    DaneBrammage Guest

    It didnt take a Sherlock Holmes to see that question coming from a mile away. Good point. Id hate to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and have to use my own urine to top up the hydrolic system.

    I have 33's and use the cnc levers. They feel fine now but thats because of Spanish Fly pads. Using stock pads I dunno.. I would have probably switched back to V's and a grind or something.