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random pics off my computer

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coooool- well i wanted to give this image uploader a whirl here so this is a bunch of pictures off my computer for the world to have a gander at:

Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires- most bomb ass mod tires ever (try-all a very close second i guess :D )

My old 3.15 pound desalvo worlds frame... downtube go sqwueeesh (that's what happens when trials forces are put on roac bike/xc race frame tubing eh?)
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Here is that rail drop in downtown, doesnt look all that big without the fisheye magic but it's still a cool shot with the high rises in the background and such:

Me at confluence doing a pedal kick up to front wheel on the ol' shorty desalvo:

This is where i took off from:

another angle of the move:

Josh Stevenson- going huge as usuall at G. Wallace Park in the dtc dropping from the high wall down to the block below:
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nice pictures, my image uploader > * :p
here are some pics of some retards riding on some gay 2x4's :bigthumb:

side hop to front:

gapping from the 'big' box to the plank on the right side there:

sidehop to rear:

magic Owen- it's not good enough for him to hit those rails on a unicycle, he has to go and skip one in this gap, kris holm wont hold a candle to this kid when he's old enough to drive...

pedal kick to front wheel, weee:

matt- your image dealie kicks ass.... thanks!
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ohhh, nice pix. those creepy crawlers do look pretty sweet. when will they be availible to the public? are you sure the trial aren't better? the tread pattern is more like the monty on the maxxis....
whos taht funky asian kid doing some bike style tai-chi?
goofy asian kid- why that would be me! i fill both the goofy and asian requirments there!

as for the creepy crawlers- they are definately the best mod tires i have ever ridden. i rode some try-alls at worlds but i guess they were a prototype version or something. the ones i rode were poo though, sticky and interesting tread patern but the sidewalls felt like poo city (i bet they were the same type of casing the echo mod tires used- ie, not the best). i guess they must have fixed that for the production model though because i have heard from sever reliable and trustworthy sources that the sidewalls are beefier than the monty ones now.

as for availability- maxxis sales said next year's interbike... i bet you dont want to wait until then though right? if you havent already, email the sales folks at maxxis and tell them you want the tires out ASAP... if they get enough interest and see there is a suitable market out there for the tires they will do a half year release and get em out sooner, like spring time or so.
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there some sick pics i wish i had a gym to ride in:)
"its me, its me" whoo, go spartans!!
I e-mailed Maxxis, they told me that they may release them in late 2005.
FABOT! I got me a try-all.
you **** I asked you if there was anything else to ride on at that place. No one ever responded of course :greddy:
in cats? how did you not see all the stuff in the pictures from that previous cats post before?

Thats the overall pic of the place, nothing over 2 feet tall.


That is the only post that has contained CATS pics. I'm guessing thats why he couldn't see any stuff in the pics posted, because there weren't any.

ps...where is your helmet :squint:
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sitting off someplace else with a busted buckle or at home- i cant remember. now you know what's there.
I still don't really get it, if you guys want to ride somewhere at night on real stuff I can charge you $5 so you get the same effect? As long as you have fun :bigthumb:
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