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Random Pallets Practice Video

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Filmed over a few weeks, just taking the camera out on random practice rides...

Music is 'I against I' by Massive Attack featuring Mos Def.

Just over 5 mins long.

Nice one,
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for some reason i really liked that video.

what pads are you runnig or what is on your rim or what ever you do to make your brakes that loud.?
I haven't seen it , but I would wager - koxx bloxx, grind.
Andy is.... right :p Pretty harsh grind too.

Better hosting:


Right click and Save Target as please :)

i have koxx bloxx but i need to re-grind my wheel.. ntw, nice video. ;)
awesome video editing is "proper bo".
riding is very good too.
great job adam
Beautiful video, nice and simple good music.
great vid- some really nice gaps/ups/wedges... good stuff. keep up the good riding guys!
nice job
those are NICE ASS pallets man!!

The ones we have up here in Canada are old, dirty, non-painted, only half the wood used, termite infested, non-even, badly shaped peices of junk with bent, rusted, blood-dripping nails sticking out all over the place. You can barely ride over them wiht a bike cuz only half of the top area has wood to stand on. They would never hold bikes jumping on them, and theres no chance you could ever get them to be half that stable (when stacked) even if your cautiously trying to walk over them.
Plus stores hold on to them like dear life itstelf. Fuck! now i'm pissed, time to write another letter...
Pallets are interesting. I've collected some REALLY nice ones... covered with particle board, or a couple that are almost two bike lengths long. Regardless, they are still a pain in the ass and I don't think I've touched one in a good year or so. If I want to go learn something new that it helps to have increasing size, I've got a couple walls around here that go from an inch to 4 or 5 feet. They work better because I can move up in smaller amounts. If only I could find something like that for gaps....

nice video, u guys got stylee!!! a bit off topic but would koxx bloxx work nearly as well on a koxx rim without a grind?

anyway ... :bigthumb: stylee .
You can get those pallets in Canada. We found some behind a Canadian Tire. Don't think they appreciated us taking them though, since they put up a fence and locked up the ones we couldn't get.
Funny thing is we used items we "salvaged" for a demo and the Fire/Police services booth was right next to us. Luckily they were more interested in the scrap car we legitimately obtained.
Jaws of life demo
Some blue pallets

Very nicely done vid! Makes me want to go ride. If only there wasn't all this snow covering everything...
sebLG said:

nice video, u guys got stylee!!! a bit off topic but would koxx bloxx work nearly as well on a koxx rim without a grind?

anyway ... :bigthumb: stylee .
no. bloxx pads desparately need a grind. they are way too hard to run on a rim with no grind. they are like ~95a durometer which is like twice as hard as plaz which work on rims with no grind so long as they are clean. bloxx need a grind though- usually a really good fresh one to work at their peak.

just watch the video again- still bad ass riding i say, especially for just beign on a bunch of pallets!
watchu talkin bout bloodhound, canada has the best pallets in the world, even though pallets suck, you got a walmart in calgary right? they buy THE best pallets, the painted ones with shallack, and they weigh a ton.

those over the bars wedge mess-ups scare me.
I've never seen the walmart ones... where do you live?
just inside BC, maybe alberta is different.
Cool Vid, cool song. I'm gettin' pallets now!
great video Tart, really good music choice, all put together really well, nice loud brakes, deafening, but all good, i watch that vid over and over before riding pallets, such an inspiration..

cheers tarty for the great vid :)
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