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R wheel: straight vs butted spokes. ?

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I'm building a drilled DX32 onto a King. Thinking of ways to keep the weight down, one which came to mind was butted spokes. So I'm here asking for people's opinions, experiences etcetera on building rear wheels with butted spokes.
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All info contained herein is gained from a DT certified wheel tech and one of the countries best.Albeit second hand.

DB spokes will have a negligable weight savings however do build a more durable forgiving wheel.Straight are stiffer, and instead of your spokes absorbing a hit , it goes more into your rim.
Your best bet is 3cross drive side with brass nips.2cross non drive,unless disc,with aluminum nips.
DT are by far the best spoke, quality wise.Wheelsmith have a weak butt........huh...huh....butt...
For some wheel building tips PM me.

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Flex in the middle, and not at the head... so they break less often.

(How much do you see spokes breaking in the middle, unless bashed? Never)

Sorted :)

Lighter too ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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