Public apology

Discussion in 'Observed Trials Discussion' started by afrobot, Jun 18, 2004.

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    My "rejoicing at the misfortune of others" caused a bit of a $#!+storm here and there.
    I hereby apologise directly to Mike, since I don't have his email, for lowering myself
    to a such a level.
    Moreso I apologise to the community for being part of what keeps the sport devided.

    I would still prefer that Mike ,regardless of reputation, make the trip to compete.Rather than stay home and keep the sport small.All together we had 8-10
    pros come to the springs. A better turnout than any other class.

    The cell phone incident was not the only issue,and that seems to have a resonable explanation. However,distracting and criticising the judges while they are judging your competitors is something else altogether.

    So there you have it sports fans. An apology. I'm not above it. 90% apology 10%
    criticism. Zero shit talking.

    No responce required.